Portrait of Jane HatchWelcome to my website where you can  find information about natural healing including shamanism, Reiki, power animals, shamanism workshops,  shamanic healings and flower essences.

Shamanism and flower essences and Reiki have all helped me stay healthy, vibrant, and happy (most of the time).  We are all targeted in one way or another right now and I have always used natural healing methods to maintain my sense of joy and my overall health, despite the many challenges we face being human on planet earth right now!

Please read my blog, newsletter–book a healing or buy flower essences.  If you are interested in news and commentary, specifically Freedom News For Targeted America, please go to  Rumble, UgeTube, Telegram, Parler, and MeWe.

I live in Santa Fe, NM with my daughter, Diana (who is also a shaman) and my cat,  Bagheera Baggins.

Blessed Be,

Bethesda Star