What is a Visionary Shamanness?

A visionary shamaness is women who has a vision that she activates with her spiritual powers.

What is my vision? My vision is to create a NEW EARTH filled with love and compassion and equality between all Living Beings.

This New Earth looks like the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is a real place from an Era on Earth before recorded history that we all remember in our collective consciousness. It is a time in human history, before the onset of the patriarch, when humans live in harmony with the Earth, Animals and each other.

But it is also time in history that many, especially the Catholic Church (and many other patriarchal institutions) want us to forget They don’t want us remember an Era when war did not exist and was not necessary and when women had spiritual power.

But there is nothing new under the sun.

Many of our dreams, the imagery in society, fairy tales (talking animals, for example) folklore, originate from a real experience we had one of our past lives–possibly during the Era of the Goddess– or another time on earth or on another planet (such as Pleiades)– where beauty and love and respect were a prevalent aspect of every day life.

Women carry the seeds, that need to be sown on Earth right now, to carry us into a brighter world.

I feel I am a women meant to encourage this memory in other women and to help gather us together to create an Earth we would like for our children and grandchildren and one we would be excited to return to in our next lifetime.

Blessings, Bethesda Star