“Be Crazy, Wild, Beautiful” Prince



When I read the circumstances of Prince death, I was immediately suspicious. It reminded me of what occurred with Michael Jackson. I listened to Purple Rain over and over again, like I was being urged to hear the meaning behind the words and feelings (It was actually from his song “Let’s Go Crazy” wherein I found a significant clue to his death) but it was from Purple Rain I felt a jolt of spiritual communion with his soul. This connection with Prince music and Prince, unfolded in a manner similar to Michael. I knew very little about either man, until after they died, and then became swept up in a need to know.

Just this week, I decided I wanted to speak to more directly to Prince.

Channeled messages through the mental body are what I call a “light contact”. They occur here in the world of the living, but on the invisible realm. In a light contact this morning I connected with the spirits of Prince and Michael.

So, without further embellishment, this is what occurred this morning while I sat on my grey rug on my bedroom floor beside my dog. I closed my eyes and, almost immediately (like he had already been hanging out for awhile), felt a spirit come into the room. It was Prince. I smiled and began to ask questions.


Me: Are you happy Prince?

PRINCE: Yes, very
(a slight smile)

Me: Why?

PRINCE: I’m with God. I’m not alone anymore. (I saw that the symbol that had become his name had merged with him)

Me. How did you die?

PRINCE: A shot of something with a needle. I believe it was phenobarbitol. I was killed. And then thrown into the elevator.

Me: Are you angry about how you died?

PRINCE: Yes and no. Yes, because I wish more people knew about these people who do stuff like this. We need to shine the light on them, expose them. It is happening everywhere. All the time. To black artists and others. They use our energy because they have none of their own. They are like empty holes.

Me. Can we protect ourselves?

PRINCE: Yes and no. Collectively, humanity needs to become a vessel for God. The collective love on the planet will oust this evil. It will take a major shift in consciousness.

Me. Do you see that happening?

PRINCE: Yes, my own death was part of the awakening. People who loved me need to wake up to God, so these murders stop happening.

Me. Did you know you were going to die?


Me. How?

PRINCE: There were signs.

Me. Like what?

PRINCE: Birds warned me. A shift in the energy around me. I thought I could protect myself.

Me. You do seem sad Prince.

PRINCE: I am. I wasn’t done. I had so much more to say.

Me. How can we help you?

PRINCE: Believe in yourselves. Be your most outrageous, crazy, beautiful, wild selves. There’s great power in that. If enough people become their own Prince..or Princess…I’d be happier. See yourselves as God. I mean it. God’s children. Pure.

(AT this moment, I thought, how watching Prince’s vidos lately–which I had never seen-gave me courage to be my most outrageous–which, for me, meant going back to my writing and it also meant owning my ability to communicate and to travel through the universe with my spirit–my shamanic skills were my purple cape and and black net stockings)

Me. How do we heal the planet?

PRINCE: By healing ourselves. Healing the hate and bigotry and pain and discomfort. Your discomfort in yourself is what makes you unique. Express it. My job had been to make people aware that even a person like me, a freak maybe, in some people’s eyes,–could be beautiful in all my ever-changing selves. Each self was a an aspect of God. Each face was a different face of God.

Me. Is your soul from the Purple Ray?


We both smile. I’m struck by his gentle pure spirit. Prince, who was speaking to me through my mental body, began to fade.

“Thank you,” I said, and he smiled softly, as his energy faded, and another energy, much brighter and lighter, descended into my mental body.

It was Michael Jackson. I’d had several transmissions from Michael during the two years I’d been working on a screenplay about him. I was emotionally connected to him, but this was another mental transmission. I did not know much about Michael until after he died. It was when he started to contact me from the spirit world, that I began to research his life and death. I had grown to love and respect him. I was in the middle of writing his story, when my process was disturbed by negative forces that did not want the world to know the truth about his murder. So I had to stop writing. This was the first contact with him in at least two years. I was surprised and very happy.

Me. Michael.

He smiles and spins, shedding sparkles as he turns, then he stops and looks into the area into which Prince had vanished, then at me.

Me. Michael do you know what happened (i.e. how the forces, the same ones that killed Michael and Prince, had toppled my life and destroyed much of my writing)?

MICHAEL: A tidal wave moved in to destroy you and your project.. They preyed on your weakness and insecurities. It was hard for them, because you were protected.

Me. I’m sorry

Michael just smiles.

Me. How are you?

He spins, creating swirls of light and sparkles. He stops and smiles. His answer is in his motion. He is good.

Me. You need to help Prince.

Michael smiles and looks again in the direction in which Prince had disappeared. I sense the connection between them as deeply loving, but highly competitive. Prince is a “Little Brother” to Michael, although they are Both very high frequency Beings from the Angelic level. I had a strong sense Prince was from the Purple Ray connected to the Archangel St. Germaine (also known as Holy Brother and Merlin the Magician and many other Enlightened Beings who have incarnated). One the primary goals of the Purple Flame Souls is to “initiate our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame”. The Purple Soul Light also represents “freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy, and sacred ritual–a new lifewave, a new civilization, a new energy”.

Michael is of the Blue Ray of creation and associated and with protection and strength and the Vibration is considered the most God-like. In the Jehovah Witness religion it is believed St. Michael is the same Being as Jesus (both Michael Jackson and Prince had strong connections to this religion) . St. Michael is the protector, especially of children. He is the slayer of evil and he is often depicted as a warrior– armed with sword, helmet and shield.

It made sense hat Prince’s soul originated in the purple ray which is about transformation through fire and ritual, and that Michael was from the blue ray of consciousness– which is about love and protection for all children and people. Michael did not see black or white, as much as Prince did, and Michael felt a need to care for all children in the world. Prince advocated primarily for his own people and wanted to give black people freedom from all forms of slavery.

Michael smiles.

ME: Should I continue with this project (the screenplay)?

MICHAEL: Take it to another level.

Wearing his open-chested white cotton shirt, he dives into an ocean, then u turns and propels straight up through the ocean, breaking free of the surface and then straight up to the stars and to the moon. Where he stops…diamond dust settles everywhere. I understand his message. Less heavy earth images and more of God. Then I see images of him as a pirate. It was either one of his past lives or one of his many fantasies. I understood he wants his story told through a fantasy person. It would be autobiographical fantasy.

He also transmitted that my account of his life and his death (murder) would never get produced because of all the copyrights issues and because of __________(his former attorney, who was not his attorney at his death, but who took control of the estate) would never allow Michael’s image or life story to be published, especially since it would also implicate _________.

Me: Do you have a message for humanity?

MICHAEL: Yes, love, love and more love. Send love to all the animals, Mother Earth, the stars, and each other.

Me. I love you Michael.

Michael. I love you Jane

Me. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you.

He nods and disappears in a swirl of diamond glitter.

I’m not exactly sure why these amazing men contact me. These are my guesses. 1. I am also from either the Blue or Purple Ray and we are part of the same soul group and we share similar goals for humanity. 2. They can see my energy field and read who I am and what I am trying to accomplish in the world and it correspondence with their goals. (kind of same as number 1) 3. LOVE.