Wolf Full Moon: Wolf’s Prediction for 2017

WolfWolf Medicine is bone strong (I feel Wolf in my marrow) and corresponds to the North, winter, ice, the moon, tribe, teaching, leadership, the night, Spirit World, Ancestors, and following new paths. This Wolf Full Moon, in 2017 may be particularly powerful for new beginnings and new paths. The numerals 2017 vibrate with the energy of “1”. Two plus one plus seven equals ten—which is a one vibration in numerology.

Wolf and the number “1” and a grand cross appearing on the same day as the full moon, January 12th? Wow. This could be powerful. Warnings have been issued by astrologists. I’ve read things like “stay home” and “try not to react to the strong emotions; wait until the energy has passed and emotions have settled”. I was wondering what Wolf had to say about His namesake Moon, combined with the “1” vibration of 2017 (not to mention the emotions and issues connected with the presidential inauguration on January 20th).

So I closed my eyes and call upon Wolf–

Snow falls onto a meadow already blanketed in snow. The sky is gray and the air is moist. Wolf steps into the meadow from a natural opening in a pine forest. He looks left and right, then straightforward, and begins to trot toward a light in the sky, which is over my left shoulder. I merge with Wolf. Through his eyes I see, in the sky, a strange, never-before-seen sun and moon “collaboration”—more like collusion. It is an uncomfortable light (too bright) and awkward, as if masculine and feminine energies are too close and need to move apart to find their own place in the sky (universe).

We continue beyond this light, through the snow. We walk quietly now alongside an old gray rock wall that reminds me of the stone walls in New England, where I grew up. The woods are silent and empty and the sky is a dark gray now. We continue to trot up and down snow-covered hills. We cross a body of water and then land gently in sunny field of green grass. The sun (again) seems too bright.

We follow a path through the grassy meadows until we reach the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean.
It’s not a cliff in America. It feels and looks like England. Large waves crash against the wall of the cliff–the spray misting our fur. Wolf turns left and continues along the cliff. We walk until night and then we enter a forest. Ahead, deeper into the woods, a black hooded cloaked figure sits on a log. A crystal ball is perched on another log beside him. We can’t see his face (as he keeps it hidden) but large, frothy waves and tumultuous seas slap against the inside of the ball.

“What does this mean”? I ask the Hooded Person

“Changes are coming,” he says, like a business man who is disguised as Monk or a mystic.

“Well what kind” ? I reply.

He nods towards the ball. Turbulent ocean waves still crash the sides of the inside of the crystal ball. I simply stare and then Wolf and I start to trot away, when I stop and look back.

“Is that all?” I ask. Telepathically someone says “No”.

Aside us the earth opens up and a downward tunnel is revealed. We trot down the sides of a tunnel into we are in the middle of Earth. A woman, maybe an elder, but it seems to be all women, of all ages—the Feminine is before us. She is not quite a spirit, not quite incarnate or in human form. She glows and as she moves she radiates with joy and mysticism.

Then I understand. The feminine will evolve to a new height; a new dimension; a new quality of mysticism not quite seen on earth before. This shift on earth will heighten her abilities and transform her relationship to her own body and the earth and her work. She will be a new form of human, completely healed.

On the other hand, as I think back on the Monk/business man, I realize the male will experience a duality, of trying to be spiritual and evolved, but hanging on to old archetypes. He will hang on to the old, but give an appearance of having changed (so be wary). Clashing will occur until the masculine takes his proper place in the universe as an equal (but not a superior) to the feminine.

Wolf and I return to the surface of the earth and begin to re-retrace our steps. First, along the coastline in England, and then through the green meadow, then crossing an ocean and back into the snow-covered meadow. Now the ancient grey rock wall is on our right as we trot through the snow. Wolf stops where I had originally seen him—at the edge of the forest. I unmerge with Wolf, kneel down in the snow and hug him, my tears invisible in the wet fur. Snowflakes fall gently onto my hair. I let go.

“Thank you” I say, standing up. He nods and I watch as he trots off back into the woods. I’m now a solitary figure. After a moment of reflection and awe, I retrace my own steps back to Middle World.

So that is the message from Wolf. Interpret as you see fit. Since January 12 (today) is also my birthday and a full moon, I will, of course, be walking in the moonlight.