US Troops Arrive In Poland

US Troops Arrive In Poland Jan 14 2017

On Friday the United States positioned an estimated 4000 armed forces (with tanks and trucks) on Polish soil near the Russian border as a reaction to an unclear Russian threat to Poland. I believe this warmongering by US lame duck president Barack Obama is dangerous and I’m praying Putin remains unprovoked.
I am happy to-repost the message below from Polish citizen Roger Domagalski who says, from his perspective, Russia is non-aggressive and that “it’s just a quiet Saturday afternoon in Poland”. Thank you Roger. Keep the uncensored news coming our way.

Roger Domagalski
5 hrs · Warsaw, Poland ·

A quick note to my US friends. Please share this with your own friends and families, co-workers, bowling team members, office mates, guys you hang out with at the local bar, etc. Despite what you may be seeing and hearing on your TV news, Putin is not threatening Poland. Russia is not interested in attacking my country. As I look out my window right now I can see the other side of the Vistula river. I can assure all of you that here are no Russian soldiers, tanks, APCs, helicopters or jeeps visible on the other side of the river. Our borders have not been violated by Russian forces. We are not being attacked or even threatened by our neighbor to the east. Relax, USA, it’s just a quiet Saturday afternoon in Poland. We’d like to keep it that way.