Love heals. Truth expands. Love is the strongest force in the universe.

Love heals. Truth expands. Love is the strongest force in the universe. Many of us right now are fighting the good fight by expanding the truth through social media. Now that we have begun to awaken the sleeping masses, it’s time to become your most expanded self.

When I wrote a Master’s Thesis on shamanism, my research revealed shamans existed on almost every location on earth, at one time or another in recorded history. This means we all have shamanic roots. We are all Shamans.

We all come from the Stars. We are all part of God, just as the rays of the sun are part of the Sun. WE all have enormous power.

Like God, our primary power is love. Like God, and like “shamans” we have many helpers on the spirit level. We have angels, spirit guides, ancestors, power animals, and, in some cases, ET’s (the good ones). A bonus for us here on earth is that we can also rally the love and healing powers of the Middle World; the spirits of the rivers, flowers, mountains, stones, animals, air, earth, wind, and fire (and more).

A few years ago, in a shamanic journey with Fox (one of my power animals), we met with my spirit guide, St Germaine, on the soft, grassy banks of Indian Head River in Hanover, Massachusetts.
While the narrow, tea-colored river murmured gently and it’s crests of waves sparkled in the moonlight, we stared into a crackling campfire. He talked softly but also with a sense of urgency.

“The spirits of the trees, of the ancestors, the mountains, the birds; they are already” he declared and smiled.

One glance into his gentle, magnificent eyes and my whole body shook involuntarily. Not enough for him to notice, I hoped. Love I had known from animals, but rarely from a Human.

The soft wind rustled the leaves in the treetops. As the coolish wind brushed against my cheeks and face, the fire warmed my hands. Fox, Wolf, Bear– my power animals on that night–relaxed by the river bank. They were close enough if I needed them. My shaman center told me I was safe. St. Germaine was really him. My Power Animals were relaxed–that was a strong message to me.

I sighed. It was always a challenge, knowing who or what was from Love and what was from Hate. Demons, Reptiles, ET’s often presented themselves to me as one of my beloved power animals or spirit guides (hoping to steal my power or worse). Only my gut instincts and my power animals could see through the charade. I would demand, from almost every Being, “Are you from Love?”. If they were not, they’d slip back into their real form (against their will) and disappear through a portal back to whatever dark corner of the universe they had originated. Trickery, in the spirit world, is a rampant, as it is on Earth–at least in Middle World where I was at that moment.

But this was the real thing. This was St. Germaine, who had been Merlin in one of his lifetimes. His Silver light from Fox’s coat hoovered in gentle aura around him, and I could feel it’s soft ness against my coat.

“It’s time. The time is now,” he said.

I was listening to St. Germaine, but I was also relishing this moment of profound peace and incomparable beauty. My life on the physical plane was all about dodging bullets (or trying to). Evil was always stalking me and so a moment of absolute peace was rare in my entire life. My life even on the spiritual plane was about finding demons and lost entities and bringing them to the light or searching for souls parts to return to people, including myself. It was sometimes hard and dangerous. I just wanted one moment to relax.

But I pulled myself from this reverie, to give my full attention to St. Germaine. It was not often he appeared to me so vividly. My intuition and the guidance of my power animals has carried my soul through the invisible web of light the shore of Indian Head River (where that Abenaki Indians had lived in relative peace in 1800’s and where I had played as a child over a century later, under the protection of the spirits of the Abenaki) on this night. My body and soul was at home here on the banks of Indian Head River. His spirit had called me here. The

“The ancestors, your spirit animals, the angels, they are ready to assist you,” he said.

I sat up straighter and looked down at my clasped hands that rested on my lap.

“I have known about this time. When would all gather together to as one force of love to heal the earth,” I answered quietly.

There was something holding me back. I wasn’t sure if it was laziness or fear of being inadequate or of being judged. I surely did not like being the center of attention.