The Fall of The Deep State/Illuminati: The Return to Love and a Paradise Earth

 The Return to Love and a Paradise Earth.

I remember a Paradise Earth– a time of great peace and beauty on earth. It was not just legendary. The Garden of Eden was real. At the moment, only a few locations on earth still hold the extraordinary energy of Eden.

Since the fall of this paradise earth many thousands of years ago, humans have been co-opted, reduced, marginalized, enslaved. Our normal state of being is extraordinary. We are joyful creative energy beings that stream God. We are that close to God. We are co-creators.

The Earth is the sparkling green jewel of the universe.

The greatest Human warriors, the bravest of the brave, the most noble, the most intelligent, perceptive, creative, and intuitive Humans are incarnated right now to spearhead this intergalactic event on Earth– the freeing of humanity.

I encourage you to get in touch with your intuition. If you live from you heart or intuition, you are less inclined to be mind-controlled. This is our greatest strength–our hearts.

This event is understood by the heart. Nothing is at it seems. Everything is “falling apart”. Life as it is has to be re-assembled to allow in the New Earth; a return to Paradise many of us remember from our incarnations thousands of years ago.

Please help usher in this transformation. Your grandchildren will thank you. Invest in your healing. Clear up old, negative energies. Find your intuition.

Your intuition sits in your shaman center right below your belly button. Ask for angels of love to assist you. Avoid television, most movies, fluoridated water and GMO food. Go out into nature.

Lots of Love. Blessings, Bethesda Star