When I returned to Cape Cod recently (after having lived here briefly in 2005) I was immediately informed by– just everybody I ran into– that Sharks now dominated the oceans here. The scientists believe it is the healthy seal population that has increased the shark numbers. But as a shaman, I could sense there was something more happening here. Walking alone late at night, I felt the air was infused with an intense “message” which I immediately connected to Shark.

Shamans communicate with all living Beings through the web of life. I love my relationship with my Power Animals. I also understand that other Beings, like Sharks, have messages for humanity.

There is often a scientific reason behind phenomenon but there is usually also always a spiritual reason; an omen; a message; prediction; when Animals are involved. The entire universe is an empire of love designed to uplift humanity–and humans are often held up, guided, protected, loved, and informed –through Animal Communication (animals often talk to us in dreams, or as part of our intuitive feelings, or through an omen).

I felt strongly that the increased Shark and Seal population was an omen and that they had a message.

Tragically, a young man had been killed by a shark this past summer at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet (Lower Cape). This event affected not only the family but millions of people–those who learned of the death via mass media– and those who now stand or sit on the Cape beaches, not daring to venture into the shark-infested waters. One surfer in Eastham told me, “We go in, but we are constantly aware of the danger. It’s not the same anymore”.

I also learned that there are exceptions to this stand-off existed. I was at a family birthday party recently when a young, male family member nonchalantly informed us he had surfed in Wellfleet for five hours that morning. Most of us were shocked. People were just not going into the water anymore.

I wondered if parents with young children return to the Cape next summer. Will the dominion of Sharks change the Cape forever? Maybe not, if we can listen to their message.

On the October Harvest Moon, I went to a bayside beach in Eastham late at night with my younger daughter. The night was infused with a powerful energy–and a part of that energy– I absolutely knew was Shark. In my shaman center (usually your gut) I felt the Sharks wanted to communicate to me, and to all of humanity. The message felt intense, ancient, deep, and possibly, like a warning.

Two weeks later, when I was alone, I followed up on the shark message received the night of the Harvest Moon and went to Coast Guard Beach on Lower Cape. I was going to shamanically journey into the energy field of the Sharks. I knew the Message From Seals was going to be almost equally important, but I would wait for their message.

I sat on the cold sand and leaned up against a steep ledge. The wind blew my hair into my face but I closed my eyes and called upon my own power animals to assist me in traveling safely through Middle World to the frequency of Shark.

This was a Middle World journey as Sharks live in the same physical reality as Humans. Middle World, as you may recall from Lord of the Rings, is now the dominion of man–although we share this space with all of life including the Animals, Birds, Reptiles, Bugs, Trees, Flowers, Plants, Sea Creatures (and many more seen and unseen Beings). An energy field full of information and messages resides around each living creature and this is the source from which Shamans (and anyone who chooses) draws truth.

My sub-soul stepped through a golden ring of light after I spoke my intention to the Universe and my protectors (power animals). “”I wish to journey into the energy field of Shark to more fully under their message”. I found myself flying just above the ocean surface –going very fast with my power animals beside me.

At first, it was unnerving. I ‘m a double Earth sign (Capricorn) and love to swim, but don’t like being out on the ocean in a boat or even over the ocean in a plane! I’m comfortable in the woods or mountains, but I finally looked down and saw the fins of sharks–thousands of sharks–swimming as fast as I was flying. I heard “secret” “messages “and “deep places” These were words, I realized, being sent by Sharks.

I needed to speak to one Shark–maybe a “Leader”–to get more specific information. I asked my guides to bring me to one Shark. We went to the bottom of the ocean and then through a portal of some kind and into a cave and then into some kind of special location-maybe a lagoon. A single shark was swimming–much more slowly than the others on the surface–slow enough for me to approach him.

“What is your name?” I asked, from behind him, although I was sure he was very aware of my presence.

“Moses” he responded telepathically, without looking back at me.

His voice and tone were slow, deep, and ancient, but certainly not menacing or like anything approaching evil. In appearance, he was unremarkable except to look like an old gray and white shark.

“Why have the Sharks surrounded Cape Cod?” I asked

“Time is up. Playtime is over for humanity. Time to grow up. No more playing on the edge of the shoreline. Something very evil is taking over your planet. Put down your toys and dive into the truth” he said ominously. I sensed he was obediently providing a service, i.e. relaying a message, from a higher source.

“What about the young man who was killed by sharks,” I asked. That question had been in mind for a long time.

“It was an accident,” Moses answered, laconically.

“As accidents go,” he continued, “But his death has brought the world’s attention to us, so maybe there are no accidents, ” he added, while he was swimming, slowly around.

I wasn’t sure if we were in an enclosure or not-but we were alone in the gray ocean without any interruptions by other creatures.

I believed that that the death was an accident because the last recorded shark-related death on Cape Cod was in 1936, according to a recent New York Times article. Clearly, sharks were not interested in Humans.

“And what about the Seals, ” I asked, feeling like it was time.

Prey and predator relationships throughout the Animal Kingdom (as well as with Humans) reveal much information about both. You can tell a lot about a person by their “enemy”, i.e. teacher (as our enemies generally provide the biggest lessons in life). I knew the Seals were as deeply connected as the Sharks, in the message to humanity that needed to be conveyed.

Moses remained silent, but I received the answer from Seal. Seals were about creativity, uninhibited, child-like frolicking and playing; the ability to dream, to imagine, to bring visions and ideas from the spiritual to the physical.

I suddenly understood the message I received from the Baby Seal a month earlier, in September–on the very first day I had seen the ocean– after having lived in the desert in Santa Fe, NM for fourteen years (and visited the coast only infrequently). My daughter and I were staying in a small cottage on the beach in Ogunquit, Maine. Shortly arriving, I had excitedly walked down to the beach and began breathing in the moist sea air for the first time in years. It was lovely. I took off my sandals and put my feet in the water.

I was staring down at the gentle waves lapping the shore when I saw baby Seal (or maybe a young pup) swimming towards the beach. She got closer and closer and then her head rose above the water and she waded onto the sand, about two feet in front of me. I simply stood, astonished and watchful. I understood something important may be happening.

The pup stared at me with beautiful, sensitive eyes. His (or her) eyes reminded me of my beloved dog, Saphira, who had passed on only a few months prior, and whom I missed terribly. Tears sprang into my eyes and ran down my cheeks. My instinct was to bend down and hug the seal pup like I would have Saphira, but I stood still and wiped the tears with the back of my hand. Was there a message here? Because Shamans are often looking for omens in nature, we are the ones who are often given them. The Seal was opening my heart and my shaman center for a reason.

“Please, do something, tell everyone, it is important. We are all in danger,” the pup said, imploringly– her soulful brown eyes staring into mine.

Our eyes were locked, even though adults and children had started to gather around us. Suddenly, after about five minutes, she turned and waded back into the water, and swam with the tide towards a bridge that linked the mainland to the small island on which I stood.

Baby Seal’s message was emotional, sensitive, fearful, imploring, youthful, almost human. In opposition, was Shark, who was methodical, insensitive, old, (ancient) and systematic. Shark was insensitive but not uncaring. They care enough to relay the message– like a transmitter. Shark was not concerned for their own well-being (in opposition to Seal) They would survive anything, it seemed. Sharks were trying to save us, Seal was trying to save us and themselves.

Shark and Seal had transmitted to me exactly what evil they were talking about. Seal, as the prey of Shark, revealed we would lose creativity, playfulness, ability to transform, to create, to manifest from the spiritual to the physical (our God-given ability to create) our inner child (in the Tarot the inner child is the center of the deck) if we did not face down this evil.

And I was shown by Shark the threat for almost all life on earth– and it is: Artificial Intelligence.

More specifically– 5G, Smart Phones (which were created by the military), nanobots, cloning, facial recognition, implants, chipping, brain-mapping, remote neural monitoring, weaponized satellites, chemtrails, and directed energy weapons.



In January, at The Healing Arts Collective (Center) in Orleans I will be giving a talk, “Animal Communication and Omens in Nature” and a two workshops “Shamanism and Power Animals” and “Message in A Shark: Advanced Shamanism and Middle World Journeys”. Please visit the Collective website or my website Bethesdastar. com for more details

Jane Hatch, i.e. Bethesda Star, is a highly trained shaman, a visionary, a writer, prophet, Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner, and a Certified Herbalist. Her Master’s Thesis covers the relationship between healing trauma and shamanism. She may be the only shaman with a degree in shamanism from an accredited American University. For more about Jane please see her website

(Animal titles are capitalized as a form of respect for the work they do for humanity)