The Shark, Moses, Returns to Cape Cod

Several months ago I channeled important information from Shark (specifically one shark, Moses) and Seal.

Both of these Species provided a warning to humanity about the dangers of 5G, artificial intelligence and transhumanism. Sacred Hoop Magazine in the UK is publishing the article in its entirety this month, March 2020

You can also see this article on my website (in case you are viewing this outside the website) under Message In A Shark.

I was at Nauset Beach in Orleans on Cape Cod early this morning and I suddenly felt Moses wanted to communicate again. I was going to take a walk along the shore, but instead, went up to the dune line, and with my coffee in hand, sat down on the soft, almost warm sand, and closed my eyes.

Immediately, I saw Moses, more or less in the first place I had seen him (a lagoon of some sort) a few months ago while I was at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham.

I asked him about Targeted Individuals; specifically how we could further protect ourselves against the remote neural monitoring many of us are experiencing. This morning, I was in recovery from an especially vicious attack on my head for half of the night so this issue was foremost on my mind.

I have a lot of protection from the Earth House I live in and other lead and metal coverings, but it was still sore and I felt a bit under the weather.

Moses, I saw remotely, began to swim along the very bottom of the ocean, eating everything in his path. I had a strong feeling he was advising us to eat seaweed, but also to stay close to the earth. Close to the heart of the earth–this had something to do with changing the energy field around us that the Deep State uses to identify our soul, i.e. our body patterning.

“Be as close as possible to the earth, eat plants, try to be one with the earth” Moses said in his deep, baritone voice..

Then I found my soul self riding on the back of Moses quickly across the ocean floor. We were joined by hundreds of other sharks (who are all returning to the Cape) and together we swam in a huge gathering.

Then we were jumping up out of the water and it felt like I was suddenly with Dolphin. I began to dive down deep with dolphin and then rise up and into the air, and fall back into the sea, in a beautiful pattern.

Moses was teaching me how to change my frequency, to resonate more closely with the earth frequencies…It was fun and joyful and exciting and I knew that just the emotions alone would change my vibration.

After awhile, the miraculous and melodic jumping into the air, and diving into the ocean, subsided, and I found myself walking onto the shore and back into my body.

I just sat for a few minutes listening to the waves break on the shore and the seagulls screeching over head. I was also enjoying the sun on my face and feeling grateful. I always hug my teachers (in this case, Moses) and kiss them and say “I Love you” before we depart. I had done that and felt full of love and appreciation.

I wondered about all of this…I have my own humanness and my own curiosity, just like anyone reading this article. I did feel much better. I soaked up some more Vitamin D and then got in my car and went home..

I was still in awe that I had been communicating with a Shark, Moses ((most all of my power animals have been Beings like wolf, bear, fox, owl. I was a Christopher Robin type of shaman I often thought).

It was exciting and different, and inspiring –more fluidity, grace, a sense of eternity and never ending life; flowing; uninhibited. Flow without obstruction was how I felt in the ocean.

Targeted people understand obstruction, and we rarely get to feel the joy of flowing peacefully along in life. I wish all targets would experience being a shaman, because at least for a few minutes every day (or almost as much as you want), you could be free.

At any rate, I got home and turned on Youtube and clicked on an underwater scene of brilliant turquoise water (almost like Megan Markle’s dress last night) and whales and dolphins and turtles and stingrays. All kinds of fish floated and glided to the peaceful instrumentals and visuals.

And indeed the day did flow, unobstructed. I was patterning and matching the frequencies of the ocean and her many astounding creatures of great intelligence…

I will be communicating with the Ocean Beings all summer, as they have been reaching out to me since last September and I know they have much more to communicate. In the near future, in the Paradise Earth, I know in my bones we are going to return to, we will all speak to the Animal Beings Once Again as we did in not so mythical Garden of Eden.

Stay Tuned.


Blessings, Bethesda Star