The Miracle Healing Powers of Osha Root, i.e Bear Medicine; The Spirit Woman, Rose

Recently, my friend, Prax and I harvested osha root in the Pecos Mountains near Santa Fe, NM.  Osha root  (ligusticum porteri)  grows in mountain ranges in the Southwest which reach a height of at least nine thousand feet. 

 Osha has been used for centuries by the Hispanic people and Native Americans. The primary healing quality of osha is antibacterial and antiviral.  It is also known for healing arthritis, cleaning out the lungs, and treating colds and flus at the onset.


Osha HoneyOsha is an herb to have on hand during these turbulent days of the “pandemic”.  

Bear, in my shamanic journeys, has been encouraging me to connect with osha.  

Another reason, as I said on a Facebook page, Bear was showing up a lot in  my journeys, was to encourage me to send out a book proposal to Bear and Co-which I did (we’ll see what happens).  But once I was in the mountains, surrounded by osha–I began to feel Her strength.  And an hour or so after harvesting the osha, while I was washing the roots in a mountain stream, I truly began to feel the blessings of wholeness, love, strength, and peace which is the spiritual medicine of osha.

Then, also, when I was cleaning the Osha, I also felt and then saw, the spirit of a medicine women.  I knew my friend, Prax, who grew up in Pecos, and had many relatives here, also had a grandmother who was a curandero who had lived in Pecos.   I thought it might be her.  I asked Prax what she looked like and he said, ‘”kind of like you”.  This made me chuckle because she had looked like me.  “What is her name”.  He said, “Rose”.  I waited and I felt a yes, from the women, she was his grandmother, and she was present to bless the osha and the gathering event!

At home, after I had processed the herb into osha honey and osha tincture, and also honeyed osha, and I started to consume a bit every day, I could feel my lungs healing and I felt more power and strength and hope–

Strangely (well, not for me) I rubbed the dried herb on my legs and body and third eye and shaman center before I went to sleep one night recently.  If you are a targeted individuals,you may or not know,  we are targeted by our body’s EMF waves–If we can subdue or eliminate the waves, it is possible the tracking devices might fail ( A man once commented on one of my videos that he was never attacked by radiation or other weapons while he was on a shamanic journey.  I found this interesting because it confirms they do use our EMF, which, essentially is our soul imprint, and if our souls, are not entirely in our body, it would make us harder to track).

I think I had a pretty good sleep the night I put osha on my body,  but then, even more startling, I watched a video about Bears and how they interact with osha.  They make a paste of it with their mouths, then throw it up in the air, and then stand and let it settle on them, then they will rub it onto rocks or tree nearby.  Essentially, I had energetically picked up on Bear behavior and done it myself.  I will let you know how this works over time!

If you are a targeted individual osha is an important herb for you, as it cleanses your lungs and also provides spiritual protection.  I know for me, my gangstalkers hit my lungs hard with radiation, so osha is very important and I’m so grateful my friend asked me to go with him into the mountains to harvest. Bear is trying to look out for me!

A very interesting post by a Navajo woman on an Osha root Youtube video, indicated her mother made Osha tea and kept it n the fridge for her children.  She said she drank it three or four times a day and never in her life did she have a cold or the flu while she was at home, even though she walked and was often outside in extremely frigid temperature..  When she left home and stopped taking the Osha, she started to experience sickness.

Aho! Wow.  Osha is powerful medicine for these times..