Ancestors, Gods and Goddesses, and Middle World Spirits( A Shamanism Workshop)

Align with your loving and compassionate Ancestors, Power Animals, Spirit Guides and Nature Spirits (including, but not limited to, the Spirits of Trees, Lakes, Mountains, Flowers, Giants, Fairies ) and shamanically journey through Middle World to bring freedom, love and healing to America, the world, and/or to your own personal life.  Mother Earth is evolving towards a Pleiadean vibration and we can assist with this transformation.  This seven week-week Zoom workshop (which includes real life assignments) will be divided in to seven sections.
  1. History of Shamanism, Ancestry (we all have shamanic ancestors)  Ethics and Intentions, Shamanic State of Consciousness, Purpose of Workshop.
  2. Power Animals and Spirit Guides.
  3. Travelling through Lower World.
  4. Traveling through Upper World.
  5. Traveling through Middle World.
  6. Your Unique Power and Gifts–Healing the World With Our Spirits, Guides and Power Animals.
Required Reading: My Shamanism Thesis (found under ‘Writing’ on the website) “The Potential Healing Effects of Core Shamanism For Women Who Have Experienced Trauma”
Certification Provided (you will be able to teach others how to journey as a shaman into Middle Earth)
Cost: $200 (can be divided into three payments)
Schedule: Monday, May 11, and every  following Monday,  until June 22nd, from  10am-12, MST  (Mountain Time USA)
(30% discount for Targeted Individuals and Victims of Family Court–please contact me directly for discount Put  “TI” or “Family Court Victim” in the subject line, Thank you.  Jane