Shamanism As A Form Of Sacred Rebellion: The Return of the Ghost Dance


The news right now is shocking.

Pin pointing what is scariest is getting to be a challenge, as each day, we seem to be sinking deeper into a kind of Satanic swill (sorry, but it is true).  Masks, lockdown and the vaccine have all proven to be unscientific and contributing more to ill health than to healing (my main source of information of these topics is from Dr. Simone Gold, although I have cross-referenced the information many times over).

I am particularly concerned about the arrests of freedom fighters (I have always been fighting for freedom and truth) including gay activist Brandon Straka, and Dr. Gold. Not to mention we are being stripped of our first amendment rights–freedom of speech.  It truly does appear as if we are on the apex of a communist takeover–but, I don’t believe it will happen. I believe it is the beginning of the end of Satanism on the planet–and the beginning of Paradise Earth–we just needed to to cleanse evil out of from the darkest corners of our world.

THE GOOD NEWS IS  we have power on the spiritual realm (and many other realms as well, of course).  The Native Americans, when they thought all was lost (they were also on a lockdown in reservations) created the Ghost Dance–calling in their spirit guides and power animals and Great Spirit and dancing to raise their spirits–  We can do the same with an even more powerful form of healing–shamanism–where we direct our enormous spiritual power–to unwinding and transforming and essentially disintegrating (with love) all the thought forms creating our current crisis in America. We also can do this quietly in our homes or in nature or together in groups.

Please join m y upcoming shamanism healing zoom workshop called “Healing America with Shamanism”.  You will be certified after seven classes to teach shamanic journeying for healing in Middle Earth.  It begins Monday, April 5th and you can sign up for it here on this website.  If you have any problems or questions, please email them to me to BethesdaStar@protonmail (please put “workshop” in the subject line)

Remember, nature is healer.  The sun, the moon, river, trees, flowers all have healing qualities and to partake of them you just to be near one of the above, and say “I am welcoming you healing power of Love” .

Also, please check out my flower essences, which heal on the spiritual level of your life.


Blessings, Jane






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