MK Ultra Mind Control

In my new book, The Land of Broken Crystals, I often make reference to mind control, even MK Ultra Mind Control, which is a system of torture brought into America in the 1950’s by Nazi Scientists with the support and approval of the US government, including the CIA.

I believe both myself and my daughters were subjected to MK Ultra Mind Control.  My daughters were targeted by the family court system in Maine and I was targeted via a Satanic curse,  implimented at my birth.

Who, exactly, the Nazi’s were, is another subject, for a another post (and many books have already been written on this controversial subject), but for the sake of this short piece, let’s just say, that there is some evidence that so-called “Nazi”s” were not necessarily the Germans, but an ancient race of people who have continually disguised themselves within other cultures–paticularly when those cultures were weak or vunerable or leaderless– for the purpose of  achieving power, prosperity, control, dominion, murder, and, sometimes, complete destruction of those societies they possess.

They are the parasites of our world (take notice that the voting machines in America are called “Dominion”).

Now, in 2022, I believe this group has infiltrated the Left political party in America (and in Europe), most especially (although it is alive in well in the Right)  and are working vigorously todepopulate the West, begininng with, and with with a particular focus, at first on the  educated, informed, intuitive–even shamanic–Americans

In general, they hope to reduce our population by hundreds of millions.

The 2021-2022 vaccines, pandemic, lockdowns,  and mask insanity–which was all about convincing us to kill ourselves– could not have been as successful (in the sense of acheiving depopulation and economic and social despair)  without mind control having been first introduced to our culture.

It is clear that MK Ultra was first introduced to Canada.  And while the original torture experiments were done on the vulnerable First Nation children in the diabolical Residential Indian Schools,  the system soon bled  (as was the plan) into America and by the late 1950s had infiltrated hundreds of colleges, medical, political and educational systems in this country.  These systems have broken down the mind, heart, and soul of many Americans making them especially vulnerable to the mind control recently  implemented by the American press, political leaders, medical organizations, and thousands  of Climate Change” NGO’s.

In other words, we were primed to accept and even impliment our own destruction during the pandemic, in part, because of MK Ultra.

It is my contention–and this is, in part, a major co-theme in my book–  that the MK Ultra mind control, has also been instilled quietly, but quite solidly in family courts in the United States.  Specifically, and often in the name of “equality”, they are using mind control and torture, to eliminate the loving parents, and to isolate very young children with the abusive biological or even non-parent.

MK Ultra, is a form of Satanism,  in which, the mind, body and soul of the child, is subjected to such extreme confusion, shock, and abuse–that the mind splits and the nueral pathways to the trauma are shut off.  Once the child is in this state, they become malleable.  They often fall into drug or alcohol addiction,  homelessness, prostitution, and child trafficking and slavery  (or in the case of Cathy Obrien and Dr. Julliette Engal –who have both written books on the subject– they are born into the MK Ultra Mind Control program.  Both of these women, who were under mind control as children,  were trafficked for sex  and torture to political and military leaders–including, according to Cathy–Presidents Nixon, Regean, Bush, and both Clintons–Hillary and Bill).

In my master’s thesis on shamanism, I noted that shamans, throughout the centuries, have been routinely executed, killed off, and almost exterminated by political, religious, and /or military forces.  This execution of shamans never ended and Wounded Knee was just a drop in the bucket.  During the “pandemic”  of 2021 and 2022, the Aborignal shamans and peoples of Australia, were the first to be forced at gunpoint into Covid Camps where they were shot and killed, forced vaccinated,  starved and/or had their children taken away (unvaccinated parents in the US and UK also had children taken away in the name of “safety”.   Safety is often death in MK Ultra.

They have been trying to kill me for a long time with directed energy weapons, curses,  car accidents, and V2-K mind control.

Shamanism, or the “talking to spirits”, was deemed to be evil in parts of the Bible re-written for the purpose of disempowering humanity.  I say in my introduction on this website, that if all Christians, or all Muslims, or Jews, or all faiths, became shamans –specifically healing shamans–evil would cease to exist. We  would once again become the Gods and Goddess of legend.

The war we are waging  is on the spiritual level.  If we can defeat them on that level, then the physical and material will follow suit. I am quite educated on this situation from both being a Christian Scientist and a shaman.

We can defeat, both individually and collectively, the Satanic mind control, if we all joined together.  The concept of Left and Right political parties, is over, in my mind.  It is a battle between Love and Hate, Satanism and God, humans and non-humans.  If a majority of us became shamans–which is the fullest extent of being a Christian or a religious person–in my estimation– we could unwind the spells, and the torture and the mind control.  We can turn Earth back into a Paradise Earth.  We can make the Earth such a loving enviroment, that evil simply cannot co-exist with us.

This piece turned out to be a bit heavier than I planned, but I believe that mind control is at the root of much of the evil which has taken over the planet, but there is great hope.  God gave us supernatural skills to defeat our enemies.  It is time, I believe, to embrace our enormous power.  The legendary Gods and Goddesses of old were not outside of our realm and capability; they were us.

Stay tuned.  LOVE, Jane