Cape Cod Sharks Send Warning to Humans

Published by Sacred Hoop Magazine in January 2020, by Jane Celia Hatch
Telepathic Transmission from Sharks, i.e. Shark Whisperer, recieved by me in December 2019

The sharks are amassing to warn humanity that fun and games are over. We need to wake up to the evil in our presence before it is to late

by Jane Celia Hatch, MA

“Walking alone, late at night, under the moonlight, and in the pristine pine woods near the shorelines of lower Cape, I often felt the air was infused with an intense ‘message,’ which I immediately connected to the Shark Nation”

Cape Cod is a promontory of land, which extends into the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts in the United States. I had lived there briefly at various junctures in the past, and now I had returned.

When I arrived back to the Cape from New Mexico in 2020 I was immediately informed by the locals there that sharks now dominated the coastlines, and that scientists believed it was the healthy seal population which has increased the shark numbers. But as a shamanic practitioner, I believed I could sense that there was something more happening here. Walking alone, late at night, in the light of the moon, in the pristine woods near the shorelines of lower Cape, I often felt the air was infused with an intense ‘message’ which I immediately connected to the Shark Nation.

Shamans and other animists communicate with all living beings through what we could perhaps call ‘the web of life,’. I love my relationship with the natural world, and my relationship with my Animal spirit helpers too. Because of my experience communicating with animals and power animals, I understood that non-human beings – such as sharks – have messages for humanity, and I sensed something was happening here beneath the surface of this increase in the shark population.
Of course, there are scientific reasons behind such phenomena, but I believe that there is usually also always a spiritual reason; call it an omen; or a message; or a prediction; where animals are involved in such phenomena.

For me, I believe that the entire universe is an ‘empire of love,’ and humans are often held up, guided, protected, loved, and informed through animal communications. it seems to me that animals often ‘talk to us’ by our encounters with them, or from within our dreams, or as part of our intuitive feelings about things, or through some sort of omen.

Because of this, I felt strongly that the increased shark and seal population was an omen or a message of some kind, and that they had a message which I needed to ask about.

I also learned upon my return that tragically, a young man called Arthur Medici had been killed by a shark recently at a place called Newcomb Hollow Beach. This event had not only affected the man’s family, but also many people who learned of the man’s death via the media. Now many beach visitors stood or sat on the Cape beaches, not daring to venture into the ‘shark-infested waters.’
But I also learned that exceptions to this ‘stand-off’ existed too.

At a family birthday party recently, a young, male family member nonchalantly informed me that he had surfed for five hours that very morning, not far from where the shark attacked had occurred. Most of us at the party were a bit shocked, but another surfer told me; “We go in, but we are constantly aware of the danger,” adding that “It’s not the same anymore”.

Aware of this growing disquiet, I wondered if parents with young children would return to the Cape the next summer for their vacations. Would the dominion of sharks change the Cape forever?
But maybe not, I reasoned with myself, maybe not if we can listen to the message of the sharks. They just might need to be heard, before they decide to go on their way to other locations or opportunities.

On an October Harvest Moon, I went to a bay side beach, late at night, with my younger daughter, Diana, who is also very intuitive.

The night seemed infused with energy; and I sensed a part of that energy… in fact I absolutely ‘knew’ a part of that energy was ‘shark’.

In my gut I felt the sharks wanted to communicate to me, and to all of humanity. The message felt intense, ancient, deep, and possibly like a warning.

Two weeks later on from that full moon night, when I was alone, I followed up on feeling of there being a shark message out their needing to be listened to, and I went to Coast Guard Beach on Lower Cape.

I had decided that I was going to perform a shamanic journey, my intent being to go into the ‘energy field’ of the sharks. I also felt sure that a message from the ‘Seal Nation’ was going to be almost as equally important, but I would wait for their message.

I sat on the cold sand and leaned up against a steep ledge. The wind blew my hair into my face but I closed my eyes and called upon my own spirit animal helpers to assist me in travelling safely through Middle World to the Shark Nation.

This was a Middle World journey because sharks live in the same physical reality as us humans. Middle World. We share this space with all of life, including the animals, birds, reptiles, bugs, trees, flowers and plants, sea creatures, and many more seen, and unseen beings. This is a web of energy, a web of life, full of information, and many messages can be received from each living creature. This is a source from which one can draw forth truth and wisdom.

I spoke my intention to the Universe, and my protectors and began my shamanic journey.
I found myself flying just above the ocean surface, going very fast with my spirit animal helpers beside me. At first, it was unnerving. I love to swim, but don’t like being out on the ocean in a boat, or even over the ocean in a plane, as I’m much comfortable being in the woods or the mountains; but I finally looked down and saw the fins of many sharks – thousands of sharks it seemed – swimming as fast as I was flying. I heard the words “secret,” “messages” and “deep places” and I realized that they were being ‘spoken’ by the sharks, although I didn’t understand what they meant.

I felt that I needed to speak to one shark – a spokes-shark -to get more specific information, and so I asked my spirit animal helpers to bring me to one shark who was willing to talk directly to me.

We went to the bottom of the ocean, and then through a portal of some kind and into a cave, and then into some kind of special location, which I thought was perhaps a lagoon of some kind; and there a single shark was swimming – much slower than the others on the surface had been swimming – slow enough for me to approach it.

“What is your name?” I asked, from behind the shark, although I was sure it was very aware of my presence.

it replied, and it’s voice and tone – as i perceived them – were slow, deep and ancient, but certainly not menacing. In appearance, the shark was unremarkable.
I asked the shark why had the all the sharks surrounded Cape Cod?
The shark responded, saying: “Time is up. Playtime is over for humanity. Time to grow up. No more playing on the edge of the shoreline. Something very bad is taking over your planet. Put down your toys and dive into the truth”.

This seemed very ominous, and I sensed the shark was relaying an important message, perhaps from a higher source of some kind.

I asked about the young man who was killed by sharks, as this question had been in my mind for a long time.

“It was an accident,” the shark answered, laconically while swimming slowly around. “But his death has brought the world’s attention to us, so maybe there are no accidents.”
Since hearing these words from the shark, I believed that indeed the young man’s death was perhaps an accident, because i discovered that the last recorded shark-related death on Cape Cod was back in 1936. Sharks are not really interested in humans, but do mistake us for other beings they pray upon, and so ‘accidents’ happen.

As we swam together, I asked about the seals in the Capes waters. Prey and predator relationships throughout the animal kingdom – as well as with humans – reveal a lot of information about both and the shark and seal relationship was a very powerful one. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by their ‘enemies,’ as our enemies are teachers, and generally provide the biggest lessons in life. Because of this I sensed that the seals were as deeply connected as the sharks, in any message to humanity that needed to be conveyed.

The shark remained silent, but I received the answer from the Seal Nation. I was told that seals were about creativity, uninhibited, child-like frolicking and playing; the ability to dream, to imagine, to bring visions and ideas from the spiritual to the physical.

As I digested this information, I suddenly understood the message I received from a baby seal I had encountered a month or so earlier. It was on the very first day I had seen the ocean again, after having lived in the deserts of New Mexico for the previous fourteen years.
My daughter and I were staying in a small cottage on the beach, in Ogunquit, Maine, and shortly after arriving, I had excitedly walked down to the beach and began breathing in the moist sea air for the first time in years. It was lovely.

I took off my sandals and put my feet in the water, and I was staring down at the gentle waves lapping the shore, when I saw a baby seal – a young pup -swimming towards the beach.
The pup got closer and closer to me, and then its head rose above the water and it waded onto the sand about two feet in front of me. I simply stood, astonished and watchful, as I understood something important may have be happening.

The pup stared at me with beautiful, sensitive eyes, eyes which reminded me of my beloved dog, Saphira, who had passed into
spirit only a few months before, and whom I missed terribly.
Tears sprang into my eyes and ran down my cheeks, and my instinct was to bend down and hug the seal pup, like I would have Saphira, but I stood still and wiped the tears away with the back of my hand.

Was there a message here? I had learned wise people often looked for omens in nature, and those who are open to them are the ones who are given them. The seal was opening my heart for a reason.
“Please, do something, tell everyone, it is important. We are all in danger,” I felt somehow the pup was saying, imploringly me, it’s beautiful brown eyes staring into mine. Our eyes seemed locked together, even though other adults and children had started to gather around us on the beach.

Suddenly, after about a five-minute visit, the pup turned and waded back into the water, and swam with the tide.

The seal pup’s message that morning had seemed emotional, sensitive, fearful, imploring, youthful, almost human to me, but now, on my shamanic journey, conversing with shark, the feeling I got was the opposite to the one I received from the seal pup. The shark spirit was methodical, insensitive, old – even ancient – and systematic. It was insensitive, but not uncaring.

The Shark Nation cared enough to relay the message, but they were not concerned overly for their own well-being – which was not the feeling I picked up from the Seal Nation. The sharks would survive, they would survive anything it seemed, as a species they had already lived 450 million years. The sharks were trying to save us, and the seals were trying to save us, and themselves.
The sharks and seals had transmitted to me exactly what the bad thing was that they wanted to ‘talk’ about.

The Seal Nation – as the prey of sharks – revealed that we would lose creativity, playfulness, the ability to transform, to create, to manifest from the spiritual to the physical, if we did not face down this danger.

And I was shown by the Shark Nation that the threat was aimed at almost all life on earth.
And they both shared that the threat itself was our technological advances–all of it–was the impression I was given. I interupted the braod spectrum threat to include: firstly 5G, but additionally, in most all of it’s forms: artificial Intelligence, nanobots, cloning, facial recognition, implants, chipping, brain-mapping, remote neural monitoring, weaponized satellites, directed energy weapons.

Something was about to happen on earth which would affect the entire population of the planet Shark and Seal warned. And, indeed it did happen.

(what I have learned lately from scientists and doctors, is that the “vaccine” recently injected into millions of humans, has nano particles, including graphene oxide, which re-forms,inside the human body. FEMA whistlelbower and others, have indicated that it is possibly 5g and satellite attacks on those who are vaccinated and (consequently have become conductors) is an aspect of the enormous and growing death rate of the vaccinated as highlighted in the recent documentary “Died Suddenly”).

(additionally, the warning from the baby seal, indicated humans were about to loose freedom, creative thought, independence, the ability to connect with God, playfulness, and much more. Baby Seal said humans were in great danger. Again, only months later, the lockdown, the masks, and the vaccines, including the inflammation caused to the brain by the vaccine and the alteration of DNA,and much more, has contributed to all those concerns exhibited by Seal Nation)

(also, I was still on Cape Cod when the lockdown occured. I noticed during this time, as did thousands of other people, that one of the few vehicles on the road were wifi networks, who were beginning the rather secretative installations of 5G all over the world)

Jane Hatch (Bethesda Star) is a shamanic practitioner, visionary and writer. She is also a Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner, and a Certified Herbalist. Her Master’s Thesis covered the relationship between healing trauma and shamanism. Her website is She can be contacted through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter (see social media contacts on her website)

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