Religions Are Under “Deep Capture”

Jane Celia Hatch, aka Bethesda, in Glastonbury, England

In my new book, The Land of Broken Crystals, I mention that the stepmother–the major villian in my true story– is Jewish.  And, also, in the back- of- the-book description, I make reference to an ancient war between “Christian and Infidel”. 

It was impossible to give a thorough explanation for the inclusion of these two references–without adding another hundred pages to the book (I had already cut about 150 pages to make it more manageable).

I would like to say here that I mention the stepmother is Jewish because after 20 years of trying to figure out the origins of evil, I have learned that most all religions, including Christianity and Judism, are under what Dr. Katherine Horton, a physicist and systems analysist (who is married to whistle blower Bill Binney) calls “Deep Capture”.

I discovered that the real Jews, along with the real Christians, the real Pagans, and many other religious organizations, have, for the most part, been usurped–at the highest levels– by psychopaths (for the sake of this blog, lets say heartless and merciless individuals who might also be called Satanists).  Dr. Horton, using system analysts,  reveals how this process has transpired over the last several decades.

  The original Christians– i.e. the Gnostics–and Christ’s true teachings, revealed in Elaine Pagels book The Gnostic Gospels–are also Deep Capture by the leaders of the modern Catholic religion and going back almost to year 300. 

Christ’s true teaching have been usurped  by the Pope and the Vatican dictators–who are also, for the most part, Satanists (in my opinon and based on years of research).  This does not apply to the Catholic people, in general,  who often have no idea what is going on in the top most leadership. 

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christian Science Religion, must be rolling in her grave.

And even the religion of my childhood, Christian Science, is under Deep Capture.  I saw a video last year of a leader in the church talking about how it was now important for everyone in the church to take the vaccine, because “God would protect them”. 

 Now, this is unheard of for a Christian Scientist.  I should know. I was immeresed in this relegion for the first thirteen years of my life. My mother was a Sunday School teacher in the church.  We did not believe in doctors, or medicine or vaccines.

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Church, is, most likely,as I said under her photo, probably rolling in her grave. I have to wonder how many millions of dollars were given by Big Pharma to the Church for them to take on this extrodinarily unorthodox position. 

Additionally, there is a bloodline of people who call themselves Jews who are not “Jews” at all, but Zionists.  As a child, and teenager and young adult, I had no predjudice against Jewish people. I really had no knowledge. I had never been exposed to anything negative relating to Jews.  By contrast, my father hated Catholics, and I could never quite figure it out until I was older, and also came to resent the the leadership, NOT the people of that relegion.

The stepmother referred to in my book, who emotionally tortured my daughters and myself,  in my opinon, is a Zionist “Jew” (which I did not explain thoroughly in the book). Zionists are a group of truly evil people who are historically not even related to Jews but who have stolen their identity in part, to hide themselves; to hide their true purpose, which is to kill off what they call “gentiles”– or simply anone who has the power to expose them or provide barriers to their complete domination. 

These fake Jews and fake Christians use the religions like a Trojan Horse–to invade, control, kill, profit, enslave and dominate.  Zionists, who are related to the 13 ruling Illumaniti families, including the Rockefellers and Rothchilds, rule over most banking, wars, NGO’s– drug, arms,and child trafficking–slavery, pharmaceuticals, natural resources, education, religion,  and the “Green New Deal”. One Rothchilde mother on her death bed said, “If one of my sons wants a war, there will be a war”.  They are very powerful and very evil, and what I would call “psychopathic”.

The English “royals” are under Deep Capture.  The Windsors are usurpers.  Princess Diana may have been the only truly “royal” person in that family (if you believe, as I do, that truly royality is being authetically spiritual), which is why they had her asssinated.  She was a threat to the cancerous Deep State, Deep Capture system currently in full swing in England and most of the UK.

I have certainly also seen some of the Pagan religions being stolen by Satanists. I’ve recently seen at least one shaman under “Deep Capture”, meaning under Deep State Mind Control, i.e. believing in the propaganda perpetrated by the systems which have taken over both political parties in the United States and Europe (and most of the world, really, at this point).

  The “vaccine”, masks, lockdowns, were a Zionist psychopathic Satanic systems operation with the goal of depopulation, death and economic destruction of the West. And political leaders, both on the Right and the Left, participated. 

In my opinion, not only is religion under Deep Capture, but most all major insitutions in the West including political, medical, psychiatrict (in Canada truly psychopathic psychiatrists are suggesting that anyone resisiting the vaccine is mentally ill),  judicial (which is the focus of my book The Land of Broken Crystals ( And The Girl Who Knew Too Much)  which can be purchased on my website legal, and academic; as well as publishing, entertainment and military. Even the gay, feminist, and transgender movements, which started out as authentic, are also under Deep Capture.

The entire West is under Deep Capture  and the only way home is for We The People, from both parties, all religions, men and woman, to find and hold our power center; our connection to God: Higher Self; Goddess; whatever you chose to call LOVE. 

It is incredibly important that men protect woman and children right now as children, especially, are extremely vulnerable ( we see educational systems under Deep Capture which are teaching primary school age children about anal sex, masterbation, and otherwise sexualizing and grooming them so they can be easily sex trafficked or otherwise used from “cradle to grave”. I saw one video recently where a little girl, about seven, who, was stroking the penis of a transgender person who was visting the classroom).

“Equality” is under Deep Capture.  “Feminism” is under Deep Capture.  “Environmentalism”is under Deep Capture.  The Zionists are using, in part, the Satanic mind control agenda of “opposites”.  Everything is the opposite of what they say it is and this is purposefully confusing to the point most people give up trying to figure it out and just go along with the agenda. 

We are billions, they are few in comparison.  Look around you.  What do you see?  What do you feel?   That is reality.  Do not trust the media.  Trust your own God self.  Your intuition.  Trust Love.  Reconnect to family.  Reconnect to Mother Earth ( do not let the s0-called “Green” agenda rob you of your land, your connection to the power of the love from Mother Earth). 

 It is time to step away from artifical intelligence as much as possible, as they stream much of their mind-control propaganda through cell phones and social media. 

If you simply sat next to a tree and breathed deeply and connected to the spirit of the tree, you would begin to withdraw from the artificial intelligence–the mind control– they are using to control thoughts and emotions and behavior.

It is time to reclaim your power as a Human.  We are not meant to be slaves.  We are not meant to have disease.   We are meant to experience love and joy and abundance here on Earth, but this evil, which  invaded our world many thousands of year ago –is now on the precipice of a complete take over.

Again, we are the many, they are the few.  Resist.  Step out of the these systems and religions under Deep Capture.  Start yourwn small groups possibly based on your relegion, but separate from the larger systems.  Return to Mother Earth, To God, to your own Heart and we will defeat them.  Send out so much love into the universe that evil simply cannot co-exist with us.

I have seen the future, and it is good.  It is beautiful.  It will also take all of us to awaken and reclaim our God selves.

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Jane Celia Hatch