Dark Pink Hollyhock Essence

Healing the second chakra in women. Feminine strength and power, reclaiming your true intention and purpose with passion, while still remaining grounded. Self-confidence based on self-knowledge.

Dark Purple Lilac Essence

Healing the brain and compulsive thoughts. A breath of fresh air to blow away old, negative, recurring thoughts. Healing the nerve endings in the brain.

Pink Geranium Essence

I am opening the heart and seeing life with fresh eyes. I see the world from a new perspective. Connecting with the energies of Middle World. Renewal of innocence. A clean slate.

Pink Rose Essence

Joy in life again from the heart. Healing after a long struggle. Renewal. Connecting with Middle World. Healing for animals who have heartache. Romantic love.

Purple Aster Essence

Emotionally healthy interactions with our creative projects; a loosening of fear around creativity. Keep it simple.  All is in perfect alignment with our creative endeavors.

Red Rose Essence

Passionate love, passion for life. The resurgence of positive will power. Healing the first chakra. Abundance. Clarity. Accomplishing a mission.

Sunflower Essence

Radiant energy.  Manifestation. Transform thoughts and ideas into a physical reality. Positive, uninhibited, joyful, self-expression. Healing male energy.

The Lilac Series

The Lilac Series is a set of 3 essences (3 is a lucky number!) for $29, plus shipping for the month of March and until April 15th (the essences are normally 15.00 each.)


  • Dark Purple Lilac:
Healing the mind, including compulsive thought. A breath of fresh air, to remove the old negative, beliefs. Cleanse out the old and provide a clean slate/space to bring in new information.
  • Light Purple Lilac:
Joy, Upliftment, playfulness; with the purpose of finding joy in living.
  • White Lilac:
Lighting up your whole energy systems from within. It is like turning on a set of inner white “Christmas lights”. Enables you to feel, from within, your divine radiance.

White Lilac Essence

White Lilac lights up your entire energy system as if you were suddenly lit from within by white Christmas lights. It does not cleanse or expel, simply illuminates you, so you may feel your divine radiance from within.