A Bit About Jane

Jane by gateI was born in January (a double Capricorn) in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

I was given seven years with my very spiritual and beautiful mother who was from Canada and who was spiritually and emotionally connected to the Goddess, fairies, Middle World spirits, and nature.  I watched her communicate with animals and flowers and trees, and was also  mesmerized by the joy she felt in her experiences with the moon, stars, bodies of water, the woods, and, of course, the fairy realm. 

But my mother disappeared when I was seven, and so most of the remainder of my childhood I was alone with my father (who was a businessman) and an old nanny he hired to watch over me.  My father was a Christian Scientist so I learned from him that God was Love and we are all a reflection of His Love.   I also learned we are Perfection and it is often only Human Mind which is often in error. 

Luckily for me the nanny was old and often preoccupied, so I was allowed to wander in nature much of the time…

I survived by making nature my world.

Indian Head RIver

During the day I played in the apple tree in my backyard, or in a small pine forest called Bunny Woods, or on the banks of Indian Head River in Hanover.

I also rode a beautiful half wild Appaloosa stallion named Misty up and down the many riding trails and through the sands pits of Hanover; and down the center of the shallow runs of Indian River (see photo). 

It seemed the trees, the rocks, the flowers and the river spoke to me too, like they did my mother,  and they provided some protection and love. It was from these early childhood experiences, I learned about the healing medicine that exists in Nature. 

When my father moved us from Hanover to Needham, I was shocked and lost my center and my strength. Multiple traumas ensued over the next two decades and I sought out shamans for healing. Female shamans (including Sandra Ingerman, Allie Knowlton, Ann Drake, Hannah Quinn, and Susan Bakaley Marshall) were my healers and teachers.

My dream is to empower Humans to embrace their powers to their fullest extent–to remember our divinity and our power and our Divine Love.

I also carry in my DNA the knowledge of a Paradise Earth that existed in our ancient history.

The history books and the collective conscious of low vibration beings (who are co-occupying Earth alongside us) do not want Humans to remember their own divinity and the paradise we once lived upon.

I hope to bring back a Paradise on Earth and the memory of our Divine Selves.

“We are perfection: we are a part of Spirit; just as the rays of the sun are the sun.”

One night, about ten years ago, Spirit/Creator whispered “Bethesda” into my ear.  I have since learned it means “healing pool of water”.

In love,

Blessed Be,

Bethesda Star Jane