About Me

Jane by gateI was born in January (a double Capricorn) in a small hospital in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

We were Christian Scientists at the time so my mother was not given any medication for child labor. Instead, our Christian Science Practitioner, Mrs. Horniman, a very old, sweet woman with silver hair (and who reminded me of one of the Good Fairies in Sleeping Beauty) read to my mother from Mary Baker Eddy’s book Science and Health and Key to The Scriptures.

“Love is the Real and Eternal and Matter is the Unreal Temporal”

Mary Baker Eddy

“Love is the Real and Eternal and Matter is the Unreal Temporal” is one of Baker’s famous lines from her book. In the womb, I was already receiving very important information. Love as the most powerful force in the universe was one of my first teachings and so I believe my birth circumstances were important.

I was given seven years with my very spiritual and beautiful mother. She was simply gone one day. I was alone with my father (who was a businessman) and an old nanny he hired. I survived by making nature my world.

Indian Head River

“I survived by making nature my world.”

During the day I played in the apple tree in my backyard, or in a small pine forest called Bunny Woods, or on the banks of Indian Head River in Hanover. I also rode a beautiful half wild Appaloosa stallion named Misty up and down the many riding trails and through the sands pits of Hanover; and down the center of the shallow runs of Indian River. It seemed the trees and the rocks and the flowers and the river spoke to me and provided some protection and love. It was then that I learned about the healing medicine that exists in flowers and trees and other natural Beings.

When my father moved us from Hanover to Needham, I was shocked and lost my center and my strength. Multiple traumas ensued over the next two decades and I sought out shamans for healing. Female shamans (including Sandra Ingerman, Allie Knowlton, Ann Drake, Hannah Quinn, and Susan Bakaley Marshall) were my healers and teachers.

My belief that our Creator is Love and we, as an extension of our Creator, are also Love. Nothing truly exists but love when we leave this plane. My dream is to empower Humans to embrace their powers to their fullest extent–to remember our divinity and our power and our Divine Love. I also carry in my DNA the knowledge of a Paradise Earth that existed in our ancient history. The history books and the collective conscious of low vibration beings (who are co-occupying Earth alongside us) do not want Humans to remember their own divinity and the paradise we once lived upon. I hope to bring back a Paradise on Earth and the memory of our Divine Selves.

“We are perfection: we are a part of Spirit; just as the rays of the sun are the sun.”

One night, about ten years ago, Spirit/Creator whispered “Bethesda” into my ear. I have since learned it means “healing pool of water”. Bethesda was also one of the pools of water in Jerusalem where Jesus was said to have healed the sick. I have taken this to be my spiritual name.


In love,

Blessed Be,

Bethesda Star