Shamanism As A Form Of Sacred Rebellion: The Return of the Ghost Dance


The news right now is shocking.

Pin pointing what is scariest is getting to be a challenge, as each day, we seem to be sinking deeper into a kind of Satanic swill (sorry, but it is true).  Masks, lockdown and the vaccine have all proven to be unscientific and contributing more to ill health than to healing (my main source of information of these topics is from Dr. Simone Gold, although I have cross-referenced the information many times over).

I am particularly concerned about the arrests of freedom fighters (I have always been fighting for freedom and truth) including gay activist Brandon Straka, and Dr. Gold. Not to mention we are being stripped of our first amendment rights–freedom of speech.  It truly does appear as if we are on the apex of a communist takeover–but, I don’t believe it will happen. I believe it is the beginning of the end of Satanism on the planet–and the beginning of Paradise Earth–we just needed to to cleanse evil out of from the darkest corners of our world.

THE GOOD NEWS IS  we have power on the spiritual realm (and many other realms as well, of course).  The Native Americans, when they thought all was lost (they were also on a lockdown in reservations) created the Ghost Dance–calling in their spirit guides and power animals and Great Spirit and dancing to raise their spirits–  We can do the same with an even more powerful form of healing–shamanism–where we direct our enormous spiritual power–to unwinding and transforming and essentially disintegrating (with love) all the thought forms creating our current crisis in America. We also can do this quietly in our homes or in nature or together in groups.

Please join m y upcoming shamanism healing zoom workshop called “Healing America with Shamanism”.  You will be certified after seven classes to teach shamanic journeying for healing in Middle Earth.  It begins Monday, April 5th and you can sign up for it here on this website.  If you have any problems or questions, please email them to me to BethesdaStar@protonmail (please put “workshop” in the subject line)

Remember, nature is healer.  The sun, the moon, river, trees, flowers all have healing qualities and to partake of them you just to be near one of the above, and say “I am welcoming you healing power of Love” .

Also, please check out my flower essences, which heal on the spiritual level of your life.


Blessings, Jane






Ancestors, Gods and Goddesses, and Middle World Spirits( A Shamanism Workshop)

Align with your loving and compassionate Ancestors, Power Animals, Spirit Guides and Nature Spirits (including, but not limited to, the Spirits of Trees, Lakes, Mountains, Flowers, Giants, Fairies ) and shamanically journey through Middle World to bring freedom, love and healing to America, the world, and/or to your own personal life.  Mother Earth is evolving towards a Pleiadean vibration and we can assist with this transformation.  This seven week-week Zoom workshop (which includes real life assignments) will be divided in to seven sections.
  1. History of Shamanism, Ancestry (we all have shamanic ancestors)  Ethics and Intentions, Shamanic State of Consciousness, Purpose of Workshop.
  2. Power Animals and Spirit Guides.
  3. Travelling through Lower World.
  4. Traveling through Upper World.
  5. Traveling through Middle World.
  6. Your Unique Power and Gifts–Healing the World With Our Spirits, Guides and Power Animals.
Required Reading: My Shamanism Thesis (found under ‘Writing’ on the website) “The Potential Healing Effects of Core Shamanism For Women Who Have Experienced Trauma”
Certification Provided (you will be able to teach others how to journey as a shaman into Middle Earth)
Cost: $200 (can be divided into three payments)
Schedule: Monday, May 11, and every  following Monday,  until June 22nd, from  10am-12, MST  (Mountain Time USA)
(30% discount for Targeted Individuals and Victims of Family Court–please contact me directly for discount Put  “TI” or “Family Court Victim” in the subject line, Thank you.  Jane

LIONBEARTREE (an Online Shamanism Workshop)


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The Miracle Healing Powers of Osha Root, i.e Bear Medicine; The Spirit Woman, Rose

Recently, my friend, Prax and I harvested osha root in the Pecos Mountains near Santa Fe, NM.  Osha root  (ligusticum porteri)  grows in mountain ranges in the Southwest which reach a height of at least nine thousand feet. 

 Osha has been used for centuries by the Hispanic people and Native Americans. The primary healing quality of osha is antibacterial and antiviral.  It is also known for healing arthritis, cleaning out the lungs, and treating colds and flus at the onset.


Osha HoneyOsha is an herb to have on hand during these turbulent days of the “pandemic”.  

Bear, in my shamanic journeys, has been encouraging me to connect with osha.  

Another reason, as I said on a Facebook page, Bear was showing up a lot in  my journeys, was to encourage me to send out a book proposal to Bear and Co-which I did (we’ll see what happens).  But once I was in the mountains, surrounded by osha–I began to feel Her strength.  And an hour or so after harvesting the osha, while I was washing the roots in a mountain stream, I truly began to feel the blessings of wholeness, love, strength, and peace which is the spiritual medicine of osha.

Then, also, when I was cleaning the Osha, I also felt and then saw, the spirit of a medicine women.  I knew my friend, Prax, who grew up in Pecos, and had many relatives here, also had a grandmother who was a curandero who had lived in Pecos.   I thought it might be her.  I asked Prax what she looked like and he said, ‘”kind of like you”.  This made me chuckle because she had looked like me.  “What is her name”.  He said, “Rose”.  I waited and I felt a yes, from the women, she was his grandmother, and she was present to bless the osha and the gathering event!

At home, after I had processed the herb into osha honey and osha tincture, and also honeyed osha, and I started to consume a bit every day, I could feel my lungs healing and I felt more power and strength and hope–

Strangely (well, not for me) I rubbed the dried herb on my legs and body and third eye and shaman center before I went to sleep one night recently.  If you are a targeted individuals,you may or not know,  we are targeted by our body’s EMF waves–If we can subdue or eliminate the waves, it is possible the tracking devices might fail ( A man once commented on one of my videos that he was never attacked by radiation or other weapons while he was on a shamanic journey.  I found this interesting because it confirms they do use our EMF, which, essentially is our soul imprint, and if our souls, are not entirely in our body, it would make us harder to track).

I think I had a pretty good sleep the night I put osha on my body,  but then, even more startling, I watched a video about Bears and how they interact with osha.  They make a paste of it with their mouths, then throw it up in the air, and then stand and let it settle on them, then they will rub it onto rocks or tree nearby.  Essentially, I had energetically picked up on Bear behavior and done it myself.  I will let you know how this works over time!

If you are a targeted individual osha is an important herb for you, as it cleanses your lungs and also provides spiritual protection.  I know for me, my gangstalkers hit my lungs hard with radiation, so osha is very important and I’m so grateful my friend asked me to go with him into the mountains to harvest. Bear is trying to look out for me!

A very interesting post by a Navajo woman on an Osha root Youtube video, indicated her mother made Osha tea and kept it n the fridge for her children.  She said she drank it three or four times a day and never in her life did she have a cold or the flu while she was at home, even though she walked and was often outside in extremely frigid temperature..  When she left home and stopped taking the Osha, she started to experience sickness.

Aho! Wow.  Osha is powerful medicine for these times..


–Ruth Badar Ginsberg: An Old Leaf Withers and Butterflies Are Freed–

ButterfliesI received two readings on Ruth Badar Ginsberg, the Supreme Court Judge, who reportedly died yesterday, 9/18/2020.

The first reading, came, unexpectedly, from Princess Diana.

I was journeying to Upper World with questions for my guides about mind control and targeting when I saw Diana, who seemed to be waiting for me. It is an honor to be in her presence so I quickly cleared my mind of my own agenda.

  I said “Hello” and indicated to her I was interested in whatever it was she wanted to say

I sensed her anxiety about her son, Prince Harry.  It is one of the reasons she is even more accessible to me than usual.  She has focused a lot of her energy in America.  I know she feels he is vulnerable right now (please see my Youtube videos to find out why on Bethesdastar) 

I also knew she was not there to talk about Harry,

We stood and looked down over the Earth. I saw Ruth disintegrate like something had exploded into very fine particles.  Not a loud explosion, just a burst and then filaments, which were soon gone.  

Diana relayed to me, telepathically, that Ruth was an aspect of the old earth energies which were disintegrating very rapidly.  Nothing will survive that is not aligned with the higher vibration earth which is rapidly coming into being.

“The Divine Feminine, Mother Earth, the Goddess can return now” she said.

(We did, at that point, begin to talk about early childhood trauma, particularly matricide (which she and I both experienced) and targeting and mind control, but I will save that for another blog or put it on my Youtube channel, Bethesdastar, later today)

 I spent about twenty minutes with Diana in Upper World.

A few minutes ago, (about three hours after my first shamanic journey to Diana) I asked my team of guides from Upper World to communicate with me in Middle World.

 I sat on my porch and rattled and asked, “Show me Ruth Ginsberg”

This time I saw Ruth’s face–it soon became an old dead brown leaf, floating in the air which then crackled and crumbled into a nothingness and scattered into the wind.

She has been gone from the earth much longer than one day. I felt she had died a long time ago and had been held so long that when her body touched air it disintegrated like a mummified body.

Then I saw the nothingness of Ruth go into a portal and disappear.

Beautifully-colored butterflies and birds were flying and fluttering, and singing.  Ruth had held down life; had imprisoned growth;  had held back Spring;  in a manner of speaking.

I know this woman was much “loved”( although I am mostly seeing people on Twitter who are screaming and swearing about her, rather than mourning), but the impression I received is that her energy, her being, was no longer good for the planet, AT THIS POINT IN TIME. 

She may have been a different type of person earlier in her life, but something took over and she was, at best, dead weight.  Worst case scenario, she was actually imprisoning life forms. 

Her death was not nice. I don’t know what happened, but it was not as is recorded by the newspapers.

It is interesting to note, the difference between Joe Biden’s energy and Ruth Ginsberg. 

 In the Youtube video I did this week, I mentioned that Joe Biden no longer existed on this plane.  There was no withering off like Ginsberg, or dying off, he simply was no longer here.  Ruth, it seemed, was at least still in her body when she died.   

I believe the person we see on TV is not Joe Biden, but a controlled clone.  

This is not a political statement.  I understand she had some progressive ideas.  This is a channeling session in which I received information from a higher source than myself.

Because I am privy to this information, my personal understanding is that the passing of RBG, is a very good thing for our planet right now.  New life will emerge and whoever or whatever she was holding captive (either by her power as a judge or some other means) will be freed.


(Princess Diana and I are from the same soul group, which is the heart vibration of God (or what I call the Goddess). I have felt connected to her for many decades.  I named my daughter after her, and I am writing a book about her which includes interviews with people in England about her life and death. We had very similar childhoods and I believe we both grew up on the same heart ley line that crosses the earth. I am an American but family is from Bath, Maine and I am deeply connected, on a soul level, to Glastonbury)

Targeting Is Out of Control,  Colloidal Silver, Osha, Flower Essences and Shamanism

IFeathers always want to to talk about healing; the beauty of Lower World; the grandeur of Upper World; and power animals, angels, healing herbs, crystals, and flower essences.  Targeting, especially electronic targeting, is just so evil and such a downer, that I try to avoid it–which, unfortunately, doesn’t make it go away.

But the past few days have been particularly hard.  My perpetrators sent waves of radiation into my chest at night while I slept.   I usually have on a lead vest but I left it in Maine and it seemed to take forever to have it sent back to me here in Santa Fe, NM.

Two days ago, my chest hurt so bad I thought I had pneumonia.  I think they want me to get sick with “the virus”–whatever that is.  

In my visions, I have seen that “the virus” is partly made up of technology.  It can be directed, or maybe the right word is, “activated”. 

Anyway, my perps have also started  to pin prick my feet .At first, I thought I was getting bitten–then I realized, in the morning, I had no marks…So I knew it was a directed energy weapon attack.  Of course, they (and I need to explain “they” I’m sure to a lot of people) keep a constant “drip” of hits onto my head…They will attack almost any part of me that is exposed.

It is embarrassing  to admit I went to bed last night wearing a lead vest, boots, and holding a pan over my head…

Recently, I also had a painful “demon” attack.  It was either a regular demon (meaning the kind shamans deal with often) or it was a remote energy attack.  It was strange.  It seemed they had pulled a part of me into a car. I was between the two perpetrators.  Then I felt a man’s knuckle being jammed very hard into my side between my ribs. I woke up in agony.  I ran into the bathroom and pulled up my nightgown to see if there was blood or bruise. There was neither.  I believe that was also and energy attack, but it was the most painful I’ve ever experienced.

The first thing the next morning, using my drum, I energetically traveled along a energy cord that lead me to the two perpetrators who had attacked me.  I asked my helpers, in the spirit world, the loving and compassionate power animals, to cut the cord between us.  I did other work which I hope will keep them from connecting to me ever again.  It is hard to explain if you don’t understand shamanism (please see my thesis on this website to learn more about shamanism, in particular, how we do healing work in Middle World) but work on the spiritual side of things, is very powerful. 

Who knows why they are upping the attacks?  I could have said or done something they disagreed with or they might have just a particularly sadistic operator handling me at certain hours or on certain days…

If you are unfamiliar with the term Targeted Individual, Directed Energy Weapons or remote neural monitoring.  I suggest you go to Targeted Justice. Com to learn more. 

Many Targeted Individuals are victims of military operations that are illegally targeting innocent people like myself–for profit and other nefarious reasons.  Using remote viewing I have seen much of my targeting is coming from an underground military base somewhere in the Southwest.  

Approximately one percent of the population is targeted.   Shamans, throughout the centuries, and throughout the world (Aboriginal, Hawaiian, Celtic, Native–you name it) have been targeted by political and military forces. The funds for this program are channeled into the Dark Military from, possibly a  secret US military budget, the Vatican, international intelligence agencies, the Deep State, and potentially even from people like Jeffrey Epstein, who could profit from traumatizing children and their parents (it’s very complicated). 

At any rate, for those of you who know me as a shaman, this could be confusing.  For those of you who know me as a targeted individual, you are probably a bit lost about shamanism.  But the two are so interwoven in my life, that I simply could not ignore either subject on my website.

I continue to try to find ways to dissolve the thought forms which created targeting.  I urge everyone to try to end this illegal program in the ways you feel the most talented.  

I’ll be working like Glinda, the good witch, trying to erase the evil thoughts drifting around in the universe which actually manifest the program. Until the thoughts are eradicated, the system will keep re-creating itself even if activism on the physical level, decreases or eliminates it.

I do use herbs, in addition to shamanism;  my flower essences, and many other natural remedies, to heal.  Just recently, it was brought to my attention by a fellow herbalist that the combination of Quercetin, Zinc, and EGCG (green tea extract) supports your healing and also protects from viruses. 

For a complete list of my flower essences, which heal on the energetic level of your life, please go to the 

“Flower Essences” tab on this website.  They are 15.55 each and I do ship within the United States. 

 I also take Colloidal Silver.

Osha is a healing root dug in the mountains of the southwest that is well known out here for its virus-killing abilities.  I will be going out into the mountains with a friend soon to harvest it.  It is also called “Bear Medicine”.

I took all of these remedies in the past few days while I have been recovering from the attacks.  I also take kelp in a smoothie, almost every morning, as it is believed seaweed absorbs radiation.

So, if you thought this article was helpful, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE.  I feel like I’m talking to myself as all my social media sites are hacked!

I see the world is about to change in ways we can’t imagine.  After much discord, things are going to settle into almost a new Earth or Paradise Earth and I see targeting dissolving under the new Paradise Earth template! In the meantime, all the work we do, will matter in making the transition easier

  LOVE, Bethesda Star

Prophecy and Predictions: Trump Wins In a Landslide, But It’s Complicated.  Is Biden Already Gone?  Major Earth Changes

Tidal WaveAfter the upheaval, civil wars, earth changes and the children are free, we will return to a Paradise Earth.


In my visions lately, I have seen cataclysmic earth changes on the east and west coasts of America in the near future.   In my channeled messages from Princess Diana she also spoke of tidal waves and earth quakes on both American coastlines.  She also said, about five years ago, that England would be severely flooded.

I have seen President Trump victorious.  It seems he will win the second term presidency in a landslide of votes.   It is not a normal victory.  He is outside of the normal realm.  He won in votes, but the whole process became polluted by his enemies.  A new standard of election will be created.  We are leaving behind an old paradigm and will be creating a new one in regards to American government.  We will never be the same and Presidents will never be elected in the same manner as they have been for centuries. 

There will be civil war and cities will continue to burn.  He already knows what is going to happen. He is already planning to bring order out of the chaos.

 He appears calm, composed and confident.  He has strength. It is primal.  He is a primal, instinctual person.  He is also in a protected bubble. At one point, I saw him finishing his goals and walking away, hand in hand with Melania, victorious, but ready for a new life. 

Negativity is not even bouncing off of his bubble.  It is not even getting NEAR him. The energies of hate, anger, rage, bitterness, deceit, greed are being funneled OFF EARTH, in one long black “river” –far from him.   In my vision, it looked like all the old earth energies were being directed off earth from a point off the coast of the southeast of America

His soul purpose (not his sole) was to reveal evil on the planet and dismantle it, on a deeper level than it has ever been done.  He has mostly already accomplished this, but there is more he needs to do and he will do this in the White House for an unspecified time. 

Everything will change. Everything will be different. 

We are reaching a new level of awareness and love as humans.  But before we could fully embrace a New Earth, the children had to be saved.  We could not go forward in our evolution without saving the children.  This is being done now by Trump and many other Light Workers.

Joe Biden, is a non entity, a non person.  He is either already dead (and what we see is a clone) or he will be no longer with us,  very soon.  I saw him disappearing in such a way as to indicate he did not actually still exist in our realm.  Evil will try to fill his space, but it will not succeed.

The guides showed me an old, rusty back hoe, that was digging up dirt and trying to throw it towards the President. It was getting old and worn out.  I could see it would not last much longer.  It was near the end of it’s lifespan.

WE have come to another level of consciousness.  Truth is important, but Love is more important.  

Many of us who are here now, are part of creating the New Earth, which will come into being after the earth changes and the civil wars.  Start putting in the seeds of how you would like to live in the future.  What would you like to see, to hear, to taste?  We are here to remember a Paradise Earth.

Masks will become irrelevant when we are dealing with earth changes, civil war, and even, possibly, a larger war.  Lay low.  Get yourself comfortable. Prepare for changes.  Hunker down.  Be aware of who is near you.  Are you in a high frequency environment?

The future will not support the same type of American presidency we have known for over two hundred years.   We will see round tables of wise men and women.  We will become more focused on special counsels, rather than one person who is responsible for everything in America.

Stay tuned. 

Here is our Paradise Earth, when the children are freed..

Garden of Eden

Love, Bethesda Star 

Messages From My Power Animals and Spirit Guides

Today I asked my power animals for a message for humanity that would be pertinent to right now.

At first my consciousness stayed in Middle World (the world we all live in).

 Lion’s beautiful golden eye and then his full body appeared.  He was facing me.  Over his shoulder I saw an empty desert, with only a few cactus and short, dense trees populating the barren landscape. 

Lion turned to his left and  looked up at the sky. We both watched as something began to appear on the horizon. My view expanded and I saw that there were actually many animals in the desert  standing still and staring at the sky, along with Lion and myself.   It appeared a storm was coming, but it was red and cloudy and seemed to fill the whole sky. It wasn’t a normal storm.

Then the animals began to walk away and off the desert surface. They went underground, through holes and caves. The surface of the desert was empty except for this encroaching storm

I wanted to verify this information so I took a journey to Lower World. I went with Lion, into a Sacred Poplar Tree and then down the steps, lit by beautiful candlelight lanterns, into Lower World. 

When we arrived in Lower World, we walked along our usual path, A clean, fast-running stream, with golden fish which were clearly visible, was on my left and butterflies and birds fluttered in the trees on my right. We came to a group of trees at the top of a knoll where many other power animals were seated, waiting for us.  We greeted each other with love and joy, and then my gaze wandered to a scene they had created for me to see.

The scene was a narrow gully, maybe with a thin stream of water within it, but what was most striking was that it was lined with hyenas.–maybe eight or nine.   They looked very threatening.  They were guarding this patch of land and small stream of water.  It was unnerving.  They looked ready for war.

I asked “\How do we deal with this threat?”.  The answer was “Love” . Love would evaporate the threat. Indeed, immediately after the word “Love” was spoken the hyenas disintegrated like they had been made of pixel.  

I turned and thanked my power animals and we retraced our steps back to Middle World.

Love, is the answer to the threats that lie ahead. I have been getting this message for a very long time from many different sources. My interpretation of the two journeys is the obvious.  Something is coming for which we need to prepare.  Love is an essential aspect of preparation, but also, it seems, hunkering down and getting out of the way of the direct storm.

In channeled messages from Princess Diana (please see my youtube channel, Bethesda Star) she warned of upcoming earth changes, particularly on the east and west coasts of America. So, it does seem there is a collective belief that something big is coming our way and to be prepared. 

Stay tuned.  I believe we are on the cusp of a beautiful Paradise Earth.

Sky Guy

The Shark, Moses, Returns to Cape Cod

Several months ago I channeled important information from Shark (specifically one shark, Moses) and Seal.

Both of these Species provided a warning to humanity about the dangers of 5G, artificial intelligence and transhumanism. Sacred Hoop Magazine in the UK is publishing the article in its entirety this month, March 2020

You can also see this article on my website (in case you are viewing this outside the website) under Message In A Shark.

I was at Nauset Beach in Orleans on Cape Cod early this morning and I suddenly felt Moses wanted to communicate again. I was going to take a walk along the shore, but instead, went up to the dune line, and with my coffee in hand, sat down on the soft, almost warm sand, and closed my eyes.

Immediately, I saw Moses, more or less in the first place I had seen him (a lagoon of some sort) a few months ago while I was at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham.

I asked him about Targeted Individuals; specifically how we could further protect ourselves against the remote neural monitoring many of us are experiencing. This morning, I was in recovery from an especially vicious attack on my head for half of the night so this issue was foremost on my mind.

I have a lot of protection from the Earth House I live in and other lead and metal coverings, but it was still sore and I felt a bit under the weather.

Moses, I saw remotely, began to swim along the very bottom of the ocean, eating everything in his path. I had a strong feeling he was advising us to eat seaweed, but also to stay close to the earth. Close to the heart of the earth–this had something to do with changing the energy field around us that the Deep State uses to identify our soul, i.e. our body patterning.

“Be as close as possible to the earth, eat plants, try to be one with the earth” Moses said in his deep, baritone voice..

Then I found my soul self riding on the back of Moses quickly across the ocean floor. We were joined by hundreds of other sharks (who are all returning to the Cape) and together we swam in a huge gathering.

Then we were jumping up out of the water and it felt like I was suddenly with Dolphin. I began to dive down deep with dolphin and then rise up and into the air, and fall back into the sea, in a beautiful pattern.

Moses was teaching me how to change my frequency, to resonate more closely with the earth frequencies…It was fun and joyful and exciting and I knew that just the emotions alone would change my vibration.

After awhile, the miraculous and melodic jumping into the air, and diving into the ocean, subsided, and I found myself walking onto the shore and back into my body.

I just sat for a few minutes listening to the waves break on the shore and the seagulls screeching over head. I was also enjoying the sun on my face and feeling grateful. I always hug my teachers (in this case, Moses) and kiss them and say “I Love you” before we depart. I had done that and felt full of love and appreciation.

I wondered about all of this…I have my own humanness and my own curiosity, just like anyone reading this article. I did feel much better. I soaked up some more Vitamin D and then got in my car and went home..

I was still in awe that I had been communicating with a Shark, Moses ((most all of my power animals have been Beings like wolf, bear, fox, owl. I was a Christopher Robin type of shaman I often thought).

It was exciting and different, and inspiring –more fluidity, grace, a sense of eternity and never ending life; flowing; uninhibited. Flow without obstruction was how I felt in the ocean.

Targeted people understand obstruction, and we rarely get to feel the joy of flowing peacefully along in life. I wish all targets would experience being a shaman, because at least for a few minutes every day (or almost as much as you want), you could be free.

At any rate, I got home and turned on Youtube and clicked on an underwater scene of brilliant turquoise water (almost like Megan Markle’s dress last night) and whales and dolphins and turtles and stingrays. All kinds of fish floated and glided to the peaceful instrumentals and visuals.

And indeed the day did flow, unobstructed. I was patterning and matching the frequencies of the ocean and her many astounding creatures of great intelligence…

I will be communicating with the Ocean Beings all summer, as they have been reaching out to me since last September and I know they have much more to communicate. In the near future, in the Paradise Earth, I know in my bones we are going to return to, we will all speak to the Animal Beings Once Again as we did in not so mythical Garden of Eden.

Stay Tuned.


Blessings, Bethesda Star


When I returned to Cape Cod recently (after having lived here briefly in 2005) I was immediately informed by– just everybody I ran into– that Sharks now dominated the oceans here. The scientists believe it is the healthy seal population that has increased the shark numbers. But as a shaman, I could sense there was something more happening here. Walking alone late at night, I felt the air was infused with an intense “message” which I immediately connected to Shark.

Shamans communicate with all living Beings through the web of life. I love my relationship with my Power Animals. I also understand that other Beings, like Sharks, have messages for humanity.

There is often a scientific reason behind phenomenon but there is usually also always a spiritual reason; an omen; a message; prediction; when Animals are involved. The entire universe is an empire of love designed to uplift humanity–and humans are often held up, guided, protected, loved, and informed –through Animal Communication (animals often talk to us in dreams, or as part of our intuitive feelings, or through an omen).

I felt strongly that the increased Shark and Seal population was an omen and that they had a message.

Tragically, a young man had been killed by a shark this past summer at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet (Lower Cape). This event affected not only the family but millions of people–those who learned of the death via mass media– and those who now stand or sit on the Cape beaches, not daring to venture into the shark-infested waters. One surfer in Eastham told me, “We go in, but we are constantly aware of the danger. It’s not the same anymore”.

I also learned that there are exceptions to this stand-off existed. I was at a family birthday party recently when a young, male family member nonchalantly informed us he had surfed in Wellfleet for five hours that morning. Most of us were shocked. People were just not going into the water anymore.

I wondered if parents with young children return to the Cape next summer. Will the dominion of Sharks change the Cape forever? Maybe not, if we can listen to their message.

On the October Harvest Moon, I went to a bayside beach in Eastham late at night with my younger daughter. The night was infused with a powerful energy–and a part of that energy– I absolutely knew was Shark. In my shaman center (usually your gut) I felt the Sharks wanted to communicate to me, and to all of humanity. The message felt intense, ancient, deep, and possibly, like a warning.

Two weeks later, when I was alone, I followed up on the shark message received the night of the Harvest Moon and went to Coast Guard Beach on Lower Cape. I was going to shamanically journey into the energy field of the Sharks. I knew the Message From Seals was going to be almost equally important, but I would wait for their message.

I sat on the cold sand and leaned up against a steep ledge. The wind blew my hair into my face but I closed my eyes and called upon my own power animals to assist me in traveling safely through Middle World to the frequency of Shark.

This was a Middle World journey as Sharks live in the same physical reality as Humans. Middle World, as you may recall from Lord of the Rings, is now the dominion of man–although we share this space with all of life including the Animals, Birds, Reptiles, Bugs, Trees, Flowers, Plants, Sea Creatures (and many more seen and unseen Beings). An energy field full of information and messages resides around each living creature and this is the source from which Shamans (and anyone who chooses) draws truth.

My sub-soul stepped through a golden ring of light after I spoke my intention to the Universe and my protectors (power animals). “”I wish to journey into the energy field of Shark to more fully under their message”. I found myself flying just above the ocean surface –going very fast with my power animals beside me.

At first, it was unnerving. I ‘m a double Earth sign (Capricorn) and love to swim, but don’t like being out on the ocean in a boat or even over the ocean in a plane! I’m comfortable in the woods or mountains, but I finally looked down and saw the fins of sharks–thousands of sharks–swimming as fast as I was flying. I heard “secret” “messages “and “deep places” These were words, I realized, being sent by Sharks.

I needed to speak to one Shark–maybe a “Leader”–to get more specific information. I asked my guides to bring me to one Shark. We went to the bottom of the ocean and then through a portal of some kind and into a cave and then into some kind of special location-maybe a lagoon. A single shark was swimming–much more slowly than the others on the surface–slow enough for me to approach him.

“What is your name?” I asked, from behind him, although I was sure he was very aware of my presence.

“Moses” he responded telepathically, without looking back at me.

His voice and tone were slow, deep, and ancient, but certainly not menacing or like anything approaching evil. In appearance, he was unremarkable except to look like an old gray and white shark.

“Why have the Sharks surrounded Cape Cod?” I asked

“Time is up. Playtime is over for humanity. Time to grow up. No more playing on the edge of the shoreline. Something very evil is taking over your planet. Put down your toys and dive into the truth” he said ominously. I sensed he was obediently providing a service, i.e. relaying a message, from a higher source.

“What about the young man who was killed by sharks,” I asked. That question had been in mind for a long time.

“It was an accident,” Moses answered, laconically.

“As accidents go,” he continued, “But his death has brought the world’s attention to us, so maybe there are no accidents, ” he added, while he was swimming, slowly around.

I wasn’t sure if we were in an enclosure or not-but we were alone in the gray ocean without any interruptions by other creatures.

I believed that that the death was an accident because the last recorded shark-related death on Cape Cod was in 1936, according to a recent New York Times article. Clearly, sharks were not interested in Humans.

“And what about the Seals, ” I asked, feeling like it was time.

Prey and predator relationships throughout the Animal Kingdom (as well as with Humans) reveal much information about both. You can tell a lot about a person by their “enemy”, i.e. teacher (as our enemies generally provide the biggest lessons in life). I knew the Seals were as deeply connected as the Sharks, in the message to humanity that needed to be conveyed.

Moses remained silent, but I received the answer from Seal. Seals were about creativity, uninhibited, child-like frolicking and playing; the ability to dream, to imagine, to bring visions and ideas from the spiritual to the physical.

I suddenly understood the message I received from the Baby Seal a month earlier, in September–on the very first day I had seen the ocean– after having lived in the desert in Santa Fe, NM for fourteen years (and visited the coast only infrequently). My daughter and I were staying in a small cottage on the beach in Ogunquit, Maine. Shortly arriving, I had excitedly walked down to the beach and began breathing in the moist sea air for the first time in years. It was lovely. I took off my sandals and put my feet in the water.

I was staring down at the gentle waves lapping the shore when I saw baby Seal (or maybe a young pup) swimming towards the beach. She got closer and closer and then her head rose above the water and she waded onto the sand, about two feet in front of me. I simply stood, astonished and watchful. I understood something important may be happening.

The pup stared at me with beautiful, sensitive eyes. His (or her) eyes reminded me of my beloved dog, Saphira, who had passed on only a few months prior, and whom I missed terribly. Tears sprang into my eyes and ran down my cheeks. My instinct was to bend down and hug the seal pup like I would have Saphira, but I stood still and wiped the tears with the back of my hand. Was there a message here? Because Shamans are often looking for omens in nature, we are the ones who are often given them. The Seal was opening my heart and my shaman center for a reason.

“Please, do something, tell everyone, it is important. We are all in danger,” the pup said, imploringly– her soulful brown eyes staring into mine.

Our eyes were locked, even though adults and children had started to gather around us. Suddenly, after about five minutes, she turned and waded back into the water, and swam with the tide towards a bridge that linked the mainland to the small island on which I stood.

Baby Seal’s message was emotional, sensitive, fearful, imploring, youthful, almost human. In opposition, was Shark, who was methodical, insensitive, old, (ancient) and systematic. Shark was insensitive but not uncaring. They care enough to relay the message– like a transmitter. Shark was not concerned for their own well-being (in opposition to Seal) They would survive anything, it seemed. Sharks were trying to save us, Seal was trying to save us and themselves.

Shark and Seal had transmitted to me exactly what evil they were talking about. Seal, as the prey of Shark, revealed we would lose creativity, playfulness, ability to transform, to create, to manifest from the spiritual to the physical (our God-given ability to create) our inner child (in the Tarot the inner child is the center of the deck) if we did not face down this evil.

And I was shown by Shark the threat for almost all life on earth– and it is: Artificial Intelligence.

More specifically– 5G, Smart Phones (which were created by the military), nanobots, cloning, facial recognition, implants, chipping, brain-mapping, remote neural monitoring, weaponized satellites, chemtrails, and directed energy weapons.



In January, at The Healing Arts Collective (Center) in Orleans I will be giving a talk, “Animal Communication and Omens in Nature” and a two workshops “Shamanism and Power Animals” and “Message in A Shark: Advanced Shamanism and Middle World Journeys”. Please visit the Collective website or my website Bethesdastar. com for more details

Jane Hatch, i.e. Bethesda Star, is a highly trained shaman, a visionary, a writer, prophet, Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner, and a Certified Herbalist. Her Master’s Thesis covers the relationship between healing trauma and shamanism. She may be the only shaman with a degree in shamanism from an accredited American University. For more about Jane please see her website

(Animal titles are capitalized as a form of respect for the work they do for humanity)


Basic Shamanic Journeying
(August 3, 10-3pm)

Learn to navigate the three worlds of the shaman–Upper World, Lower World, and Middle World — and journey into Lower World to meet your primary power animal. Your first contact with your power animal is often a joyful and life-changing event.

Topics to be Covered: History of Shamanism, Basic Components of Shamanism, Shamanic journeying to Upper World, Lower World and Middle World, Shamanic State of Consciousness, Power Animals, Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Middle World Energies (including fairies, flower devas), The Goddess, Mental Health and Behavior, Certification.

Please read my master’s thesis on my website www. prior to class.

Class limited to seven students.

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Eagles Redwoods, and Ancestors: A Profound Meeting of the Spirit World and Shamans for World Peace and Justice
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The keys to bringing more and love and peace to the world in a very quick and loving manner are contained in the spirit world. As above, so below. When we unravel negative thought vibrations with love on the spiritual level, these changes are reflected in the physical (the earth).
This workshop is for people who are interested in aligning with their spirit guides, power animals, spirits of nature. ancestors and angels to unwind negativity on Earth. Tree spirits, including a grove of Redwoods in Davis, CA, have encouraged me to present this workshop. Targeted Individuals are welcome, as this healing modality is important for your protection and evolution. We are the creators of this world, let’s create a Paradise Earth.
Topics to be Covered: History of Shamanism, Basic Components of Shamanism, Shamanic journeying to Upper World, Lower World and through Middle World, Shamanic State of Consciousness, Power Animals and Spirit Guides, Middle World Energies (including fairies, flower devas), Celtic Shamanism, Protection, ET Interference, Personal Power Objects, Personal Healing and Planetary Healing, The Goddess, Targeted Individuals, Certification.
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Making Natural Lip and Healing Salves from Flowers

(July 7th, 9-2PM)

Olive oil, beeswax, and flower based salves are rich and thick and infused with the healing properties of flowers and herbs. You may also add a favorite essential oil or other oil such as avocado or almond for additional benefits. At Milagro Herbs we made an array of very popular healing salves. Salves are fast and easy and last almost forever. This is a skill set you can use forever to create holiday gifts or for your own enjoyment and increased well-being or profit.


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Blessings, Bethesda Star

The Spirit World is the Origin of all Physical Realities Jul 3 2018
We humans have enormous spiritual power. Throughout the centuries our powers have been repressed by organized religion and other political forces. Our fear of prosecution (Inquisition) keeps much of our spiritual power in remission.

YOU CAN RE-CLAIM YOUR SPIRITUAL POWER. Remember who you are. Healing shamans (like myself) work with unseen loving forces to create positive changes on earth. My research for a shamanism thesis revealed that shamans existed on almost every location on earth at one time or another in our history. This means, WE, AS HUMANS, ALL HAVE SHAMANIC ROOTS no matter what color or race or religion.

The spirit world is like the embryonic fluid of the seeds of creation on the earth. What you create on the spirit side of life manifests on the physical. Conversely, physical realities soon dissipate if they are not infused with soul (love, God) from the spiritual world.

We can work together as an enormous collective energetic shamanic force of love to defuse the evil and hate by infusing these systems with love.

When we call upon our power animals, our Loving Ancestors, our compassionate and powerful spirit guides ( who are just waiting for us to claim our rightful power) and God and Christ (or whoever you perceive as Love) and Middle World Spirits ( the spirits of trees, animals, air, water, earth, fire, mountains , oceans, plant, fairies, and more) and we journey together through the spirit world and arrive at our destinations as an army of spiritual power– just imagine the transformation.

Imagine a hundred of us, each with a hundred spiritual helpers, moving out into the web of life with the intention of healing the world: replacing hate with Love. We can do this. All of the social activism on the planet cannot permanently undue evil if the thoughts that created evil are not healed. What I am saying, is we will be dissolving evil at its root–the spiritual.

Having said all this, do I expect people to become shamans within a few hours? No, but quite frankly, most of you reading this probably already had a lifetime, or many lifetimes, as a spiritually powerful person and already have the intuitive knowledge.

If you are interested in learning shamanic journeying, which will also includes information about: power animals, angels, ascended masters, middle world, upper world, dream world, shamanic state of consciousness, and much more, please look at my page entitled “shamanic workshops”. I have upcoming workshops in Santa Fe in July and August.


Blessings to all. I feel great things are happening on our planet right now.

Bethesda Star.