Bethesda Star Flower Essences: How Do They Work?

Two roses

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Like my mother, Polly, I have always loved flowers. Roses were her favorite: lilacs are mine. The lilac bush behind our farmhouse on Center Street in my hometown of Hanover, MA was an intimate oasis of peace.

As a young child, I often stood or sat almost inside the bush or at the base, absent mindedly deep breathing. Back then I wasn’t sure why, but I would always feel so much better sitting with that lilac bush!

All flowers are beautiful, of course. Crystals are angels of the mineral kingdom, flowers are angels of the plant kingdom.

Flowers tell stories about our divinity. Each flower represents a beauty way — Truth, justice, love, playfulness, trust, serenity, peace, strength, perception, intuition, spiritual growth, emotional growth, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Male, personal evolution and much more.

I believe flowers are the highest vibration of the plant kingdom.

Flowers remember the Truth about Humans. They know we are, at a soul level, whole, healed, loving, passionate, powerful, excited, creative, inspired and they emulate those vibrations for us. They show us our path back home.

Flowers are constitutionally stable and therefore are unchangeable in any environment. When you take a couple of drops of flower essence, your energy will rise and shift to emulate the vibration of the flower. Flower essences will help repair our energy fields (and in turn, our bodies). Flowers can help us all return to a Paradise Earth so many of us remember in the deep knowledge held within of our souls.Far BottlesClose Bottles


What is a flower essence?

A flower is put into a glass of pure water (I use deionized or filtered) and set in the sun for at least four hours. The energetic exchange between the sun, the water and flower infuse the water with the vibration of the flower. I then take the flower out of the water, add brandy to preserve the essence and that is your mother essence. The mother essence is put into the stock bottle and it is from the stock that The dosage amounts are bottled in the beautiful emerald green Bethesda Star bottles.


Pink, white and red rose essences in the sun and water infusion for about two hours.Rose on Table

The same flowers in the sun for almost five hours. now. I added a St. John’s wort smudge stick, a crystal, and a feather to the flower “alter” to honor the flowers.Roses in the sun

The white rose I chose for the flower essence.White Rose


How do they work?

Flowers essences heal on the energetic level. This means they heal the spiritual energies around our body, mind, and heart. Nothing exists on the physical level unless it is first manifested on the spiritual (unseen). In other words, the unseen world (energies) hold the blueprint and are the origin of our physical life, including discord and disease. If you heal on the spiritual level, the physical body begins to heal.


How do you take them?

Take four drops as needed under the tongue, in your bath, or on your body (I often put them on my third eye chakra or heart chakra). Try to keep the dropper clean by not allowing contact with mouth or skin.


What do they help?

Common ailments that are helped by essences include stress, depression, hopelessness, PTSD, shame, anger, discouragement, feeling stuck, depressed, tired, fearful, energy blocks, implants, chips, and much much more (please see “List of Bethesda Star Essences” page for complete information). Emotions reflect our physical ailments. Flower essences heal at the root of life issues. They are constitutionally sound and maintain their unique high vibration healing frequency in our energy fields. Vibrational medicines, including flower essences, color, and sound have become an integral aspect of alternative healing. If possible, please also share your flower essences to heal the earth and animals.

How do you order?

Please go to “Flower Essences for Sale” and, after your selection, please call 505-755-3344 for a free consultation and/or purchase.

Thank you.

With Love,

Bethesda Star