Education and Shamanism Teachers

  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

  • Master of Arts (with a focus on Shamanism) Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

  • Certified Herbalist (Blessed Maine Herbs, Athens, ME)

  • Reiki Master


(My masters thesis “The Potential Healing Effects of Shamanism for Women Who Have Experienced Trauma” can be read in full here.)

Shamanism Teachers:   

Ann Drake, PhD,  Sandra Ingerman, MA, the late Lynn Andrews, the late Claude Poncelet, PhD (Belgium physicist),  Ann Drucker, Allie Knowlton, LCPC, MSW, John Amoroso, Brook Medicine Eagle,  Susan Bakaley Marshall, LCPC, Dr. Geo Cameron (Celtic Shaman), Dr. Hannah Quinn, Nan Moss, and the late David Corbin.


The core of my teachings is my childhood relationship with Mother Nature which expanded and broadened as I matured.  I began to understand the language, both the universal– of trees and animals and all of nature– and the individual.  I understood Fox, when he appeared, to sometimes, give me a message from the entire species, and sometimes from the individual. I began to notice omens from nature.   At a certain point, when I began to travel through the spirit world into Middle World, I had a whole new world of information from fairies, Giants, leprechauns, butterflies, and also, a more intense, personal relationship with the spirits of animals.    My own shaman’s death and resurrection expanded my power and strength and understanding of the universe.