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“I love the sunflower essence. Very uplifting. I felt hopeful and sunny. I laugh a lot when I use it. I suggest taking it in the morning and throughout the day,” Lenya Freeman, Santa Fe, NM

“Bethesda Star flower essences are part of my holistic approach to my overall wellbeing. The essences help me set my positive intentions every day.” Erin McGuire, Davis, CA

“Pink Geranium gives me instant peace. I feel like is clears on a cellular level…cell within cells are cleared.” Debbie Rose, Santa Fe, NM

“Pumpkin essence works immediately. I feel more confident, self-assured, and able to fulfill my goals. I also feel calmer, all at the same time.” Diana Rasmussen, Santa Fe, NM




Sunflower- Radiant energy. Manifestation. Transform thoughts and ideas into a physical reality. Positive, uninhibited, joyful, self-expression. Healing male energy.Close Bottles

Dandelion- Powerful cleanser and detoxifier for the third chakra. Heals issues related to power and worth and our right to be here on the Earth. Vibrant, holistic, cleansing of old fears.

Desert Willow- Cleansing, clean as a whistle, letting go, stimulates positive changes.

Pumpkin- Powerful support to accomplish goals. Positive Male energy. Expanding, growing, uninhibited, strength.

Red Geranium- Contentment, solid grounding, be here now; stability, passionate grounding.

Purple Cosmos- Reaching to higher dimensions for truth and direction; seeking the truth in a situation; channeling higher frequencies.

Red Hibiscus-Very deep feminine sexuality issues. Healing and expression of sexual love while maintaining stability.

Honeysuckle -Healing the past. Re-framing our memories so that we may accept them with appreciation and deeper understanding of their purpose. Less guilt about the past.

White Mallow- Joy in life, uninhibited childlike expression of happiness; delight (I heard tinkling fairy bells from this flower).

English Lavender-Illumination from within. Clearing old, negative messages from the body at specific points. Clearing trauma in the body. Connecting to your original soul imprint. Supports a connection to spiritual helpers.

Pink Geranium-I am opening the heart and seeing life with fresh eyes. I see the world from a new perspective. Connecting with the energies of Middle World. Renewal of innocence. A clean slate.

Red Rose–Passionate love, passion for life. The resurgence of positive will power. Healing the first chakra. Abundance. Clarity. Accomplishing a mission.

White Rose-Angelic overseer of other flowers. Purity. Ascension, Truth after transformation. Divine Blessings. Staying connected to soul purpose/higher self. Heaven on earth (advanced).

Pink Rose-Joy in life again from the heart. Healing after a long struggle. Renewal. Connecting with Middle World. Healing for animals who have heartache. Romantic love.Roses in the sun

Peach Rose-Spiritual protection. Joy in connecting to the higher self. Emotional clearing, Second chakra healing. The Goddess energy.

Yellow Rose-Activating creative energy. Fulfillment of creative project. Feminine creativity.

Scarlet Hollyhock -Sexual love, passion, power to pursue a goal or purpose, especially for a beauty way which may include healing, children, the earth.

Deep Red Hollyhock- To repair deepest emotional, spiritual, psychological wounds related to female reproduction and sexuality.

Dark Pink Hollyhock- Healing the second chakra in women. Feminine strength and power, reclaiming your true intention and purpose with passion, while still remaining grounded. Self-confidence based on self-knowledge.

Light Pink Hollyhock- For healing the first chakra for women. Purifying and healing sexual energies, reuniting with the Goddess aspect of God; connecting to fairies and Middle World. Increases awareness of subtle energies. Bliss.

Dark Purple Lilac -Healing the brain and compulsive thoughts. A breath of fresh air to blow away old, negative, recurring thoughts. Healing the nerve endings in the brain.


White Lilac- White Lilac lights up your entire energy system as if you were suddenly lit from within by white Christmas lights. It does not cleanse or expel, simply illuminates you, so you may feel your divine radiance from within.


PendulumMy daughter’s rose quartz pendulum placed on a perfect “yin yang” rock

we found on Malibu beach in California

If you are unsure of which essence to chose, consider printing this list of flower essences and then using a pendulum to connect with your higher self. The soul always understands what is best for us moment to moment and may help you choose your flower essence. Hold the pendulum above each essence name, one at a time, until you get a very strong “yes”.


Generally speaking, when the pendulum moves in a circle clockwise it is a “yes” and when it travels back and forth in a straight line it is a “no”. But ask your pendulum to show you a “yes” and then a “no” so you are sure.





Love and Blessings, Bethesda


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