Land of Broken Crystals


Jane’s exceptional psychic abilities made her the target of MK Ultra mind control systems beginning in the early 1960’s. Integral to breaking the mind and spirit of children is removing the loving mother from the family. When they took her mother, Jane was only seven. As a little girl she instinctively began a walkabout in the woods and fields around her house in Hanover, MA. Lifetimes of knowledge unfolded almost magically as she quickly learned to speak the language of animals, flowers, and trees. This is a natural ability we all have and our normal human state of being. This book reveals the shocking details of the Satanic forces in our world who are currently trying to genocide of children, and how you can claim your own shamanic powers—your ability to communicate with nature and traverse the magical worlds of power animals, angels—to fight back. After childhood she set out on a journey to find her mother, but soon realized she had lost the mother in her dreams. She had found peace until a woman with a thick blue vein down the center of her forehead stole her two children using trauma-based mind control. She was a psychopath intent on the destruction of Jane and her lineage. It was an ancient war reenacted between Love and Evil. The story which unfolds is one of extreme loss, unfathomable grief, trips back in time, death-defying risks, magical horses, Snow White Owls, and attacks by demons, Satanists, and corrupt judges and guardians. But Love is the strongest force in the world and the ties between grandmother, mother, and daughters were more powerful. It is a journey you will never forget but would never want to live.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A true story like the death and rebirth of the Phoenix

Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2022

A mind boggling true story of the life experiences of a woman who through multiple traumas was able to access parallel worlds populated by animal guides and other beings. These guides ultimately assisted her in a spiritual journey to free her daughters. A real eye opener regarding how evil operates in our world unrecognized and how awakening to our true powerful loving selves can turn the tide.