Sacred Sites Healing

In Glastonbury, England, Machu Picchu, Hawaiian Islands (the remains of the ancient land of Mu) and many other on various Sacred Sites on Earth, the ancient, powerful template of a Paradise Earth remains.

At these Sacred Sites we will infuse crystals with energy, and then with the protection and guidance of our spiritual advisors, we’ll set out on our separate journeys to a variety of locations to place our infused crystals.

The basis of this healing is “as above, so below”; what we create on the spiritual level soon becomes a physical reality. We will be re-creating the vibration of the earth, at various specific spots, with the higher frequencies of the original Paradise Earth.

Until the imprint of trauma is released on a piece of land, a similar event may continue to occur. For example, although witch-hanging has been outlawed in Europe, the energetic imprint remains at certain locations. Consequently, the land will attract the same kind of energy.

As an example of shamanic land transformation– in Santa Fe, NM, USA– I did a clearing at a plaza near St. Francis Road. The manager of a small health food store at this plaza called a few years ago and said the area felt very low vibration. He said petty crimes and homelessness dominated and none of the business could thrive.

In Santa Fe, people are aware of energy issues, and they call shamans, i.e. what you might call “ghost busters” in this circumstance.

I visited the plaza and spoke for a while with the manager, but then went home to do the healing. I journeyed to Middle World (the unseen aspect of the world we already live in) to the plaza and immediately saw three Native Americans men on horseback engaged in battle at the site of the health food store.

I dialogued with these spirits–convinced them they had passed on–and suggested they rejoin their loving ancestors. They were angry and revengeful (rightfully so) at the loss of their land and people as a result of the influx of Hispanics and whites, but it took them only a short while to understand their true circumstances and they passed on to the spirit world.

Since their departure, the location has prospered.

Responsibility for housing, food, transportation, etc. is your own. I will hold the space for the transition of energy into the crystals, but I perceive that everyone attracted to this event will be a master in their own right. We may meet for meals and Roundtable discussions and I encourage everyone to journal and record their dreams and observations.

Limit: 13 participants.

Thirteen Crystal Healing

Glastonbury, England

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Please email me at (please put “shamanic healing” in the subject line) for more information and to be added to the list of participants.