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Shamanic Healing:  The nature of your shamanic healing is primarily based on the guidance given by my power animals, loving spirit guides, and God/Goddess.  Shamans are known to be “hollow bones” through which the healing spirits heal, protect, and guide.   The primary healing techniques I use as a shaman are soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, energy clearing, and depossession.  If guided, I may also use Reiki, crystals, Tarot, herbs, and flower essences.   Potential dis-ease or problematic issues which might be helped by a shamanic healing include: addictions, depression, sense of hopelessness or loss of direction in life, nervous tension, malaise, and much more.  Please see my master’s thesis on this website, under the section “soul loss” and “soul retrieval” for more information.

Shamanic Healing:  $129  (redfoxruns1@ PayPal).  Call 505-755-3344 for more information and/or to book an appointment.


Psychic Reading:  In a psychic reading I remote view your energy field.  Your personal aura contains the essence of your soul energy, often including your recent or relevant past lives, potential interference or disturbances in your current life, general thought patterns, and potential future outcomes.  Ancestors or spirit guides may also channel information through me.  My intention is to bring more joy, harmony, success, clarification, and direction in your life. 

Psychic Reading: $129 ( PayPal). Call 505-755-3344 for more information and/or to book an appointment.


I reserve the right to refuse a healing if I am told by my guides it is not in your or my best interest.  

Please do not drink alcohol in excess, or smoke marijuana, ingest CBD in any form within 24 hours for your reading or healing. 

Please set aside one hour when you are alone in a peaceful, safe, quiet environment for the healing/reading.

It is possible for me to do a personal, in office healing if you are referred.


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