Spiritual Warrior Training

Here on planet earth we are at war with evil.  Not everyone is aware of this fact.  If you are here now, you are awake.   Satan is the real enemy behind all child trafficking, slavery, mind control, poverty, war, targeting with directed energy weapons, and of course, the “plandemic”.

In the world of shamans–whe travel into three different worlds–Middle World, Lower World, and Upper World–just using the drum beat to alter our brain to enter into the “beta” state.   In these journeys we humans are blessed to be accompanied by hundreds of power animals, spirit guides, the spirits of nature including trees, mountains, rivers, the wind spirits, the spirit of the Earth, the ancestors, the Middle World spirits, and the “mythical” Beings such as Giants, Elves, Mermaids, and fairies. 

The Lord of the Rings world is actually real to a shaman,  This requires intense training, but not necessarily long.  I can teach this in five four hour sessions.  The important thing is the purity of your soul and your intention.   

If you are interested, please read my master’s thesis on this website.

I believe we can, together, work in the spirit world to defeat child trafficking, targeting of innocent citizens, and much much more, but to me, when we save the children, we save the planet.

I saved my own children.   If I had known how powerful I was (the evil forces in this world try to surpress and weaken and demoralize the greatest heros on the planet) I could have saved my children much sooner, before some of the trauma had occured.

I have also been able to remote view and identify andcontrol some of the perpetrators of my directed energy weapon attacks.  This is a complicated subject, but I would like to share this in formation with other targeted individuals (if you are targeted, you are powerful).

If you are intersted in this elite training  ( no one else in the world is providing this specific work training) please email me at dianasherbals@hotmail.com.   If my guides tell me you are suited for this training we can begin a conversation.  Plus put “warrior training” in the subject line. 

Love and Blessings, Jane