I had a wonderful experience working with Jane! I felt an instant connection with her as she is
very warm and welcoming:)) I even had an incredible vision during the healing…I don’t know
if that (having a vision) will happen to everyone but I’m so gIad I experienced it! I
am very happy I made the decision to receive this gift of healing guided by Jane.
This was my first time in doing so and I feel as though a heavy weight was lifted from
my chest literally! Everything she explained made complete sense to me and matched
all of the negative feelings I had been feeling prior to the healing and for so many years.
I am looking forward to a much brighter future, Thank You Jane!!


Jane was very pleasant, genuine and honest to work with. I have been exposed to so many different degree of spirituality but Shamanic healing was new to me, but Jane took time to explain until I felt completely understood and comfortable. The work itself was amazing!!! It handled much deeper level than anybody else I worked with (medium, psychic, and etc.) in the past. Not only the major problem I have lived with my entire life got solved and healed but also I got to find more about myself. It was really helpful and eye opening. I get to have a better life and a perspective of my life. Thank you very much for your gift!!!


I recently celebrated a “Big” birthday this year (50!) so I treated myself to a Healing Session with Jane. I know some big blocks were cleared. Shortly after our session, I was able to Complete a project that I had been working on for a year, for which I am very grateful! Thank You Jane!
Jill S.


I’ve had several sessions with Jane that helped me a lot. One session turned out to be a soul retrieval in which a warrior part of my soul was brought back. Ever since then, I’ve been able to endure a lot more in my life and find more courage and strength more easily available. In another session she connected with my Twin Flame to help me understand more about what I’d been receiving but was not ready to accept. She acted as a conduit for him and his message to me. I highly recommend Jane’s services!
Leia L.


When I first heard of shamanic healing I didn’t even believe it would work. But after Jane performed one healing on me, my life Improved overall. Her work is very effective and so amazing to hear her feedback because she told me in detail what she experienced when she did a soul retrieval..she even went back to when I was a little girl and trauma I went through. She is so gifted. I would recommend going to her. Her work is worth alot more than she charges, the healing I experienced was priceless. You will regain energy, health, vitality, memory and just have a clear and peaceful state of mind if you go to Jane. Good luck everyone!
Jessica M.


Jane provided some healing to help in my grieving processes. Very helpful for letting go and being able to move forward through the loss.
Darlene M.


The synchronicities surrounding the work that Jane and I did together told me right away that there was something profound to be experienced. Jane’s authenticity struck me immediately and the evolution in my life after my session with her was profound!! The timing was perfect and so was the work. Thank you, Jane!
Wendy B.