What is a Shamanic Healing?

A shamanic healing takes place on the spiritual level of your life. Shamans primarily travel into three different worlds–Upper World (the location of the Angels and Ascended Masters), Middle World (the invisible realm of the world we all live in now) and Earth World (the home of Power Animals and other compassionate beings). To the sound of the drum beat and with the assistance of my power animals and spirit guides, I journey into these realms to seek answers for your problems, to clear your energy field of negative or low vibrations, or to find power you may have lost during this lifetime.

What is soul retrieval?
Soul Retrieval is a specialized healing technique utilized by shamans to return lost aspects of your true nature/ your original soul essence. The shaman first determines you have had soul loss. This information is usually given to the shaman by her power animals or spirit guides. Once she realizes you have had soul loss, she will travel through the spirit world with her guides to find the lost soul part — again the soul part may be in upper world, lower world, or middle world. If her guides tell her it is in the best interest of her client, she will ask the soul piece to come home with her to your body (I often ask the soul part to journey back in a crystal with me and my power animal). Once back, the shaman will blow the soul part back into your body, often throughyour crown chakra.

What is soul loss?
A soul loss often occurs during trauma. To a shaman, a trauma is any event which causes a portion of the soul to flee the body. It is an adaptive strategy for coping under extreme duress. Trauma can be caused by: divorce, war, surgery, an argument, an accident, betrayal, loss of a loved one, rape, abuse (in all forms), or death of a loved one (and many other situations).

The symptoms of soul loss often include addictive behavior, depression, anxiety, ADHD, allergies, chronic misfortune, accidents, a sense of hopelessness or not feeling you have a purpose or direction in life. You will often feel that you are “out there” somewhere–not inside your body. A soul retrieval may alleviate or reduce these symptoms.

Red Fox is helper for Celtic shamans

Red Fox

What is an energy clearing?

If you are carrying around negative energy it is probably weighing you down and causing anxiousness, depression, or anger. Negative energy can originate from your own negative thinking or from picking it up from other people or low-vibrations situations (which can include hospitals, bars, sites of war or crime, or just a room where there has been arguing or suffering).
An energy clearing relieves you of these cling-on energies. I clear with my angels, power animals, spirit guides, feathers, crystals, bells, sage, copal, rocks, and sometimes flowers and herbs.

A surprising amount of mental health issues can often be helped with an energy clearing. Power Animals such as Wolf, Raven, Eagle, Bear, Polar Bear often assist in a clearing– utilizing their great strength and love and sense of protection.

A more serious intrusion is a possessing spirit. If you are experiencing emotions which do not feel like they are your own; or you are behaving in ways which feel unnatural : or have periods of time you cannot remember what you did or said: you may need a more comprehensive energy clearing.

(For a more thorough understanding of shamanism and the related terms such as– Power Animals, Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic State of Consciousness, Spiritual Intrusions– please see my Master’s Thesis on this website. In the thesis you can also read testimonials from four women who sought out shamanism for healing deep trauma. Interviews with Sandra Ingerman, MA, Allie Knowlton, LCSW, MSW, and Ann Drake, Psyd. are also included in the thesis).
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