2023 Summer Workshops and Attunements: Shamanism, Reiki 1, Flower Essences, The Land of Broken Crystals and Karma



Introduction To Shamanic Journeying and Power Animals (Workshop)

  Red Fox

Fox Power Animal: Shapeshifter, Balance between male and female, Twilight, Dawn, Cross Roads, fairy realm, Middle World, shamanism


This workshop is an introduction to the extraordinarily beautiful and powerful world of the shaman. The word “shaman” originates in Siberia and means “one who can see in the dark” or beyond the veil of the physical.  To the beat of a drum you will learn to journey to Dream World (often called Lower World) to meet with your power animal. 

We are all born with at least one spirit guide,  often in the form of a loving power animal.  In your  journey, in this workshop, an opportunity will arise to ask your power animal two questions.  Meeting your power animal for the first time is a joyous, powerful moment.  Come join us for this unforgettable, life-changing experience. 

Limited to six participants.  Five hours,  including one hour lunch break (taco lunch and beverage included).  Please bring snack, drink, notebook and pen, and any crystals or other power objects you might like to put on an alter.  

(If you drive a long distance or fly from out of state, overnight tenting accommodations –with super comfortable double size air mattress–possible for an extra fee of $50 on Friday night)

Santa Fe, New Mexico  July 21st 10-3pm  Call 505-755-3344 or email dianasherbals@hotmail.com for registration and location and payment details (including payment plans)  $119. Check, Cash, Venmo or PayPal (redfoxruns1@gmail.com)  For more information about Jane and her personal experience and training as a shaman and healer, please go to janeceliahatch.com and see tab “About Jane, i.e. Bethesda Star”

Reiki Healing

Meeting your power animal for the first time is a joyous, powerful moment.  Come join us for this unforgettable, life-changing experience” 



“Reiki opens you up to the loving, healing powers of the universe on a level indescribable until you have had the experience”  Jane

 Reiki 1 Attunement


Jane is a Reiki Master, initiated into her third degree by the late Reiki Master Barbara Faust, a Reiki healer from the Traditional Lineage of Mikao Usui, who was also initiated in the Essential Reiki techniques.  Jane interweaves Traditional Reiki with Essential Reiki ( the latter made popular by Diane Stein) and shamanism. 

Reiki or “universal life force” has been traced back to the Egyptian and Buddhist mysteries, and also to the healing abilities of Jesus Christ, who some believed learned Reiki during his travels in India.

  The healing art was lost over time but rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui, who passed it on to Chujiro Jayashi, and then, in the mid 1920’s it was passed to Hawayo Takata. 

John Harvey Gray, the founder of The Center for Reiki Healing in New Hampshire, as well as my own Reiki Master teachers– the late Barbara Faust and then Sylvia Tavares (both from Maine) and myself, and several thousand other Westerners are Masters under the direct lineage of Traditional Reiki intuited by Mikao Usui after it’s introduction into the West.

After the Reiki 1 attunement wherein you will receive the three sacred symbols into your energy field,  the Reiki healing energy will flow through your hands and onto other living Beings, including yourself, family members, friends, animals and plants.  As you progress to Reiki 11 and Reiki 111 your power will increase to include long distance healing.  Diane Stein’s book Essential Reiki is recommended reading prior to class to learn more about the stages of Reiki. 

 This is a three hour class, which includes a snack break and a healing sessions for everyone in attendance.  Limited to five participants.  $79.  You will then qualify for Reiki II and Masters, the locations and times to be announced after class on this date.  Certificates provided.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

July 28 10-3pm. For location, questions and payment details please call 505-755-3344 or email dianasherbals@hotmail.com (please put “workshop” in subject line). Cash, check, Paypal or Venmo. Blessings.



 “The primary purpose of the Broken Crystals workshop is to help us return to the original Paradise Earth and to stop the cycle of traumatic incarnations”

3. THE LAND OF BROKEN CRYSTALS:  The Goddess, Shamanic Journeying, Unwinding Mind Control and Identifying Curses  (Workshop)

This experiential workshop will explore the concept that karma is unlike it has been explained in our contemporary world and that a percentage of “bad luck “or misfortune, or even bad choices, are NOT the result of our past actions and karma, but as a result of trauma-based mind control and Satanic curses imposed on us in this lifetime, as well as in past lifetimes.

It is possible we were never murderers or  or warmongers in past lifetimes,  but our  “karma” is actually the result, in part, of negative programs and systems and spiritual manipulations, imposed on us. 

In my life experience, I have found noticed it is often the kindest, most loving, most maternal–often The Goddess type of woman–who often have the most challenging lives,  including myself (as you can read in my book,  The Land of Broken Crystals: And The Girl Who Knew Too Much, which is required reading).  


Please join me in this workshop where we will discuss:  cutting negative energy cords, identifying mind control,  dream interpretation, prophecy, targeting  (how to tell if you have been specifically selected for targeting),  potential problems in Tarot readings,  identifying abusive men/women, psychopaths, and even alien or Nephilim dark entitles, before they latch onto your energy field. 


The primary purpose of this workshop is to help us all return to the original Paradise Earth and to stop the cycle of difficult incarnations. Limited to 7 pre-approved participants.  Women Only (survivors of government targeting and domestic violence, are welcome).

Santa Fe, NM

Friday,  August 25th,  Meet and Greet  (food and beverages provided)  6-8pm

Saturday, August 26th, 10-4 pm

$159 (partial payment plan provided, if necessary)

Two scholarships provided, if workshop fills.

For more information, questions,  registration, and payment details,  please call 505-755-3344 or email dianasherbals@hotmail.com.  Cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal.  Please put “workshop” in the subject line.  Blessings.



“Flower essences are infused with the power of three-the sun, flowers and water–and create an immediate and profound and positive shift in the electrical systems within our bodies when placed on the body or taken internally.  Flowers are the medicine of the future.”  Jane

4. Making Your Own Flower Essence (Workshop)

Bethesda in Glastonbury, England

Jane has been making flower essences for over twenty years and is the owner of Bethesda Star Organics, a flower essence, herbal tincture Reiki and shamanic healing center.  Since she was a little girl, she could feel the healing properties in flowers and herbs as well as in trees, rivers, rocks and most all of Mother Earth’s creation.   One of her first connections with flowers, was a lilac bush in the backyard of her family farmhouse in Hanover, MA where she spent many hours as a little girl lying and playing and smelling the flowers and experiencing such joy!  

She currently uses flower essence for her own well-being, those of her family and friends and for her clients, and they are available for sale on this site and at her physical location, Bethesda Star Healing Center in Santa Fe. 

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to make a flower essence –cosmos, echinacea, painted daisy, blue cornflower, red or pink geranium, or sunflower–and to take home your own emerald green bottle of essence.  The knowledge you gain in the workshop will enable you to make your own essences for you and your family or to sell.  Please see additional tabs on this site and BethesdaStarOrganics.com for more information about Flower Essences.  Blessings, Jane

Santa Fe, NM September 2, 2023 10-1:00pm  $39.  Santa Fe, NM.  Please call 505-755-3344 or email dianasherbals@hotmail.com (please put “workshop” in the subject line) for more information, registration and payment details (please bring snack and drink).  Limited enrollment.